What did the SaveMoneyCutCarbon bloggers spend their Planet Points on?

You’ve heard about our Planet Points, haven’t you? Let’s refresh your memory, Planet Points is our Loyalty and Reward scheme for all our lovely customers. They’re our way of helping you get even more value from all your planet positive purchases. If you’re not a club member, for every £1 you spend you’ll earn 1 Planet Point. If, however, you are a club member, for every £1 you spend you’ll earn 2 Planet Points! Sound good?

Our SaveMoneyCutCarbon bloggers are all Home Club members and they told us what they spent their Planet Points on in September.

Stocking up with SaveMoneyCutCarbon and Planet Points

Emma chose to spend her Planet Points on home essentials for the bathroom and kitchen, saving her worrying about forgetting them in her weekly shops and lugging around big bags of shopping.

“I decided to order toilet paper from Uranus Wiper which is a UK-based company who have created an incredibly wonderful toilet paper. It is plastic free, hypoallergenic and bleach free.”

“My second purchase was kitchen roll, again this saves me buying it at the supermarket and lugging it around. Instead I had it delivered home.”

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Get rewarded for shopping more Eco-friendly with SaveMoneyCutCarbon’s Planet Points 

Tammy spent her Planet Points on the products she loves, plus a few new ones she hasn’t tried yet.

“Planet Points from SaveMoneyCutCarbon puts you in control of how you use your points. You not only have the option of saving up your points and using them to purchase products but you can also use them as money off your order.”

“One of my favourite perks is that Planet Points means I am being rewarded for making eco-friendly choices. In my order I got a second Sandwich bag size of Stasher Bag which I got in the rose colour, we needed a second one so both my children can take packed lunches now that school is back on. It made me realise how much we will regularly buy the products we love again and now we will save even more on the purchases.”

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PP blog 1

Planet Points – A Loyalty Scheme That Saves Money & The Environment

Olly has been blown away with the range of sustainable products available at SaveMoneyCutCarbon, making being sustainable at home as simple as a click of a button. Olly found using his Planet Points to buy his products seamless.

“I recently used £50 worth of Planet Points to see how easy the process was and my order was slightly over this amount but the checkout seamlessly allowed me to pay the remainder with PayPal. It was simple and intuitive, just like using a discount voucher.”

“The best thing is, the points accrue whenever you spend. So if you’re anything like me and are ready to make some sustainable changes to your lifestyle and home, this added bonus makes it very attractive to do so through savemoneycutcarbon.com.”

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PP blog 2

Begin Your Eco Journey with an Eco-Friendly Starter Box

Emma is no newbie to going green, but even our starter kits are useful whether you have been using sustainable products for years or just starting out.

“One really convenient way of trying out new eco products is by choosing an eco-friendly starter box from SaveMoneyCutCarbon. They have a great range on their website including a family starter box, eco-essentials plus pet box, washing and more box, just us 2 starter box, the ultimate family starter box and more, plus the one I chose which is the eco family with pets box.”

“I used my saved Planet Points to order the eco-friendly starter box and it couldn’t have been easier to do. As a club member, I also receive a great discount on products meaning I saved even more money too! At the checkout, you simply choose to pay using your saved Planet Points and your account updates the basket and points. You’re rewarded for being more eco and for being a loyal customer, win-win.”

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PP blog 3

Eco swaps I’m making permanent 

Louise spent her Planet Points of eco swaps that have made a permanent replacement in her home.

“Cotton buds. Plastic free eco swaps. I’m not obsessed with make up (honest!) but there isn’t anything that gives me enough control to get my winged liner even and so having an option like these that are not going to harm the planet and get stuck in turtles noses is a real relief. See more of the bathroom eco swaps we made here.”

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PP blog 4

How to Save Water in Your Bathroom, Quickly and Easily

Becky was looking for a way to save water in her home, with the help of SaveMoneyCutCarbon we managed to solve this problem.

“We are really pleased with the new shower heads. The overhead shower in particular is a real success as it feels more powerful and saves water. It has a special head where the water is directed slightly inwards, so all of the water goes over you. I’m not sure whether it’s that, or the special valve that makes it feel more powerful, but it is so much nicer.”

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PP blog 5

Solving our kitchen lighting issue with SaveMoneyCutCarbon

Clare knew exactly what she would spend her Planet Points on when asked, we offer a huge amount of lighting, that uses less energy than traditional halogen lights but unlike the energy saving CFLs you probably have a box of in the shed, our LEDs light up instantly.

“I used my Planet Points to pay for my order this time – it was really easy to do and meant I saved a fortune too…SaveMoneyCutCarbon have a great range of cabinet lighting that can be used under cabinets or even in wardrobes. I chose some USB rechargeable LED lights which will use only a small amount of energy, and the charge should last a long time too.”

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PP blog 6

What will you spend your Planet Points on, something small or will you save them to put them towards a bigger purchase? To get earn even more Planet Points why not join Home Club. You’ll get  exclusive discounts on our products and earn double Planet Points. A minute to join, a lifetime of impact. Our bloggers are in, we’re in, are you?

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