What are we going to try for plastic free July?

Plastic Free July is a global movement encouraging people all over the world to reduce their plastic consumption for the entire month. And of course, the team at SaveMoneyCutCarbon wanted to get involved and do our part!

I spoke to the team to find out what they’re doing for the planet this July.

Ditch the clingfilm

Lewis B has ditched single-use clingfilm in favour of glass storage containers that can be reused again and again to store his leftovers.

Let’s be honest, trying to wrap something in clingfilm is a huge hassle, and it’s likely to pile up in landfill or sadly find its way into the ocean. Switching to reusable storage is easy, great for the planet and it’s a one-time investment.

Our Non Plastic Beach BOLL**KS to Cling Film are BPA free, cruelty free and vegan reusable silicone food covers, able to preserve your food in nearly any container – perfect for storing leftovers!

Lewis has also started venturing to his local refill shop to buy loose fruit rather than supermarket fruit that comes wrapped in multiple layers of plastic. Refill shops are great because the products are usually sourced locally, meaning you’re supporting the nearby community. Plus, it’s usually way better quality and a chance to find some new exciting products that you wouldn’t find in your usual supermarket.

Shop Boll**ks to Clingfilm

left overs

Sparkle with SodaStream

Donna has decided to purchase a SodaStream for Plastic Free July as her family were drinking around eight litres of sparkling water a week, that’s four big plastic bottles. But with SodaStream, she doesn’t have to worry about the plastic bottles piling up.

With just a touch of a button Donna’s family can save 208 plastic bottles a year by making sparkling water at home or enjoying their favourite fizzy drink with 50% less sugar.

And it doesn’t even require electricity so if you’ve decided to go camping this year you can bring it along without worrying about lugging bottles of fizzy with you.

Shop SodaStream

pfj soastream donna

Wrap it in beeswax 

Like Lewis B, Emily has swapped the clingfilm and tin foil for beeswax wraps. They’re convenient, easy to wrap and reusable.

They’re so much more fun than boring clingfilm, coming in an array of designs and sizes. All you have to do is wash them in cold water and soap before reusing them again. Our BEE Zero Waste Beeswax Wraps are handmade in the UK using locally sourced beeswax. Better yet, you never know what fabric you’ll receive in the post so it makes lunch prep fun.

Emily is also opting for glass bottle dressings rather than plastic bottles – a super easy swap that costs exactly the same. A glass jar and a squeezy bottle of Hellman’s mayonnaise from Tesco both cost £2.50 for the same amount – it’s a no brainer!

Shop Beeswax Wraps

beeswax wraps 3

Pick up dog poop sustainably

Lewis M has swapped from plastic dog poop bags to biodegradable ones. They even have a holder that can be attached to the lovely Luna’s dog lead, handy for any forgetful people.

Our Beco Pets Bamboo Poop Bag Dispenser is made from bamboo, cornstarch and rice husks which has the same durability as plastic, without the harmful consequences. Once it’s been disposed of it will naturally break down.

Bamboo is a fantastic alternative to plastic as it grows 30 times faster than other trees and generates 35% more oxygen. Find out more about the benefits of bamboo.

Shop Poop Bag Dispenser

dog poop bags

Save the turtles 

We’ve all seen the horrid pictures of marine life choking on plastic straws, that’s why Grace is opting for metal straws instead.

Many of us pick up a plastic straw without a second thought because it’s become so ingrained in our throwaway culture, and we only use it for about ten minutes! By choosing metal straws you’ll always be prepared and prevent tons of plastic polluting our ocean.

Grace prefers metal straws because it protects her teeth too. Plus, look how colourful they are!

metal straws

Prep with Stasher

Everyone here at SaveMoneyCutCarbon are huge Stasher advocates. Craig has been prepping his lunch in a Stasher bag instead of buying a meal deal from the supermarket, saving money and the planet.

Stasher bags are endlessly reusable food storage bags made from platinum silicone. They’re BPA and BPS free and able to go in the oven, microwave, a pot of boiling water and the fridge or freezer – suitable for literally everything.

If you’re looking to make a plastic free lunch this July, check out our top tips. 

Shop Stasher Bags

stasher bag 2

Puppy love

We love our pets here at SaveMoneyCutCarbon! When Linda’s old dog bowl broke, she bought a bamboo replacement for Betty instead. The durability of bamboo makes this a sturdy bowl, without worrying about harmful plastic.

Meanwhile, Carolyn has had to buy doggy nappies for Lola. She didn’t want usual disposable ones that are made with plastic so she’s opted for washable ones instead. They’re better for the environment and a lot softer than disposable nappies so Lola can be more comfortable.

Shop Pet Bowls

Dog nappies

An upcycling project 

Mikey and his girlfriend Ellie have perhaps outdone us all. They’re currently building a pallet sofa for the garden rather than splashing out on a brand-new outdoor furniture set. Upcycling is a fun DIY project to get stuck into that doesn’t contribute to any more carbon. We can’t wait to see the finished look!

pallet sofa

Shopping consciously 

When Hayley was doing her weekly shop in Tesco she spotted that Palmolive now do massive bottles of hand soap so she’s decided to just buy the refills to reduce her plastic. And she’s set her sights on trying glass bottles instead.

She also realised that during the Summer months she was throwing away far too many disposable razors. Now, she bought an epilator for long lasting hair removal which she swears by! No more single-use razors, Hayley is a total convert.

soap and razor refill

Conduct a bin audit

Hazel makes a big effort to recycle correctly at home and she also has a compost bin in the garden. Rather than using a plastic bag that takes hundreds of years to degrade, she’s switched to our Waste Not Compostable Caddy Liners made from vegetable starch. She can’t believe she didn’t make the switch years ago: they’re just as sturdy as a plastic bag but way better for the environment.

Recycling can be more complicated than you think. Check out our recycling guide to make sure you’re doing it correctly.

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waste not sacks hazel

Switch to solids

To reduce her plastic use, Rachel has switched to solid bars of shampoo and conditioner. Although it won’t stop the grey hairs appearing (her words, not mine!), they smell amazing and last far longer than the plastic bottles. Plus, they haven’t got all of those horrid chemicals that actually damage your hair – solid bars feel more natural and nourishing.

I don’t know about you but I hate seeing dozens of half empty plastic bottles in my shower. Switching to solid wash bars makes it look a lot less cluttered. They’re also great for bringing on your travels, so you don’t have to buy any of those silly mini plastic bottles or worry about spillages.

solid shampoo

Drink responsibly 

What about me? I’m a sucker for a good cup of coffee. I’ll be bringing my reusable coffee cup to work every day rather than purchasing a disposable cup. I’m the first to admit that I can be a scatterbrain but my intentions are pure, so I’ll be making a conscious effort every single day to be responsible and remember my reusable cup!

I’ll also be using it to spark conversations with my work colleagues and encourage them to get involved in Plastic Free July and make habits for life.

Shop Travel Cups

bamboo ctlerty and cup

Be a part of the 326 million people and take part in the challenge today. While you’re at it, join our Home Club for more exclusive top tips. Buy at Unbeatable Prices, Guaranteed – going green won’t cost you more, it will cost you less – it’s as if you’re allowed to buy directly from the manufacturer.


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