What are the Marcomms team at SaveMoneyCutCarbon spending their Planet Points on?

The Marcomms team at SaveMoneyCutCarbon spend a lot of time looking at the products we sell. We research and test them, and write about them, and now have a big wish list of things we want to buy for when payday comes around.

The launch of Planet Points is music to our ears – we can build on points we get from buying products on the website and then use these points with other products we would like to buy.

With the launch of Planet Points giving Home Club members 1 Planet Point for every £1 you spend, this makes shopping at SaveMoneyCutCarbon really exciting.

The great thing about Planet Points is that you don’t have to have the total amount of points to purchase an item. When you checkout you will see how many points you have available, from here you can decide if you want to spend some or all of them or save them for something bigger.

No-one’s more excited about Planet Points than Kirsty, she probably spends the most money on sustainable living products out of the whole company. When asked what she will be spending her Planet Points on she said, “I’ve already signed up to Regular, Reliable Deliveries that deliver Ocean Saver cleaner, compostable bin liners and Uranus Wiper toilet roll each month straight to my door. I’ll be earning points each month when I buy these products so using the points will be a nice discount.”

Donna has been eyeing the Stasher bags for quite a while now, “I’ll be using my Planet Points on Stasher bags, I love that there are so many ways to use them. They will be fantastic for the kids’ packed lunches, and freezing leftovers. I can heat them up again without having to remove them from the bag.”

Liz hasn’t had much say about what she wanted to buy with her Planet Points – her husband has already picked what he’d like. “A beautiful Grohe shower has already been picked for what I’ll be spending my Planet Points on! I love that I can use my Planet Points to save on the total price. That means I can buy something a bit fancier than I would usually buy.”

When asked what she will be spending her Planet Points on, Hazel said, “I’ll be saving up my Planet Points, so I can buy a SodaStream. There is nothing better than sitting in my back garden once the kids have gone to bed in the summer sipping on a gin and tonic. Tonic is really expensive so I can’t wait to be able to make my own fizzy tonic with SodaStream. Bring on the summer!”


Tim is moving into his new home shortly and said, “I’m going to need to replace all the lights in my house, the old owners were still using the old-style energy-saving lightbulbs that take ages to light up. My Planet Points will go towards replacing all the bulbs in the house.”

What will you spend your points on? You can use them for anything that is available to buy on the site…yes really…the only thing you can’t spend your points on is the cost of P&P. Put them towards the LED for your next job, that new kitchen tap you have had your eye on, or even save for an electric scooter…the choice is yours.

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