What am I spending my Planet Points on?

Have you heard the exciting news? We’ve introduced Planet Points at SaveMoneyCutCarbon! This means that for Home Club members, every time we spend £1, we get 1 planet point, so we’ll make great savings on all products. The best thing, you don’t need all the points to purchase a product, it will simply deduct the amount instead.

I’ve actually been incredibly strict this lockdown, I’ve enjoyed saving my pennies and refraining from retail therapy! Although, I have missed eating out. I’m hoping to carry this newfound minimalist attitude into “normality” and focus on making more sustainable choices.

I actually have a note on my phone listing all of the things I want to buy so I’m hoping to treat myself, and the planet, each payday. This means I won’t break the bank and I’ll have something to look forward to every month, especially with my Planet Points.

Let’s have a little look through my notes and see what exciting purchases I’ll be making over the next few months…

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For the kitchen

I only recently discovered SodaStream. I thought I’d found something new and amazing so I instantly shared it on my family group chat, only to find I was late to the party. My sister told me that she bought one a few months ago, and she absolutely loves it!

It’s her birthday coming up next month, so I thought gifting her a few of the SodaStream syrups would be perfect. After all, what better way to begin my Planet Points journey than by spreading a bit of kindness. I’ve decided on the Zero Orange & Mango, Classic Diet Tonic (ideal for celebrating with a bottle of gin), and the Classic Diet Cola flavours.

She’s always been caring about the environment, even more so since having a baby a couple of years ago. I’m always sharing my sustainable tips and swaps that I’ve found, and as she’s pretty cautious of sugar too, I know she’s going to love this gift.

Find out more about SodaStream here.

Next up on the list is the OceanSaver EcoDrops. I still live with my parents at home, and I’m on a mission to educate my family on sustainable living. My mum tends to stick with what she knows but I think these eco drops will completely change her outlook as they’re so easy to use, and planet-friendly.

We definitely have an old cleaning spray bottle lying around so all we’d need is the refills, which come in all of her favourite scents.

One thing I’m most proud of? I never forget to floss! As soon as I’m through my current plastic floss, I’ll be buying our Non Plastic Beach Natural Silk Dental Floss. I feel slightly anxious admitting that I’ve been using plastic floss, but it’s all part of the journey! Don’t feel pressured to change your life in one day. Which is why Planet Points are so handy, because you can use them bit by bit and slowly build up your sustainable lifestyle.


On-the-go essentials

I’ve finally got into the routine of making a packed lunch every day for work, rather than buying a meal deal. With our top tips, meal prepping has actually become quite easy and even enjoyable. I’m loving falafel and tahini wraps at the moment but they tend to come undone in my Stasher Bag.

The BEE Zero Waste Beeswax Wraps sound like the perfect alternative. It will also come in handy for keeping my soughdough loaf fresher for longer, which is one of my favourite weekend treats from my local market. I also love bringing a bit of my personality with me everywhere, and with their pretty patterns, they’re the perfect choice.

I already own one of the Half Gallon Stasher Bags and one of the Stand-Up Stasher Bags and they’re a total game changer! Ideally, one or two of each size would be the perfect collection. As they’re a tad pricey (here’s why), getting a few pounds off with my Planet Points will make a huge difference.

Moving home

Hopefully, in the next year I’ll be flying the nest. But, moving house isn’t cheap! Since educating myself on sustainability, I feel confident knowing how to make my home more eco-friendly and it’s an exciting adventure. By saving my Planet Points, I’ll be able to invest in one of our more expensive, good quality products for cheaper, like an eco-shower, an energy-efficient appliance and LED lighting, to create an authentic atmosphere in my home.

I love a list, and I’d definitely recommend keeping a want-list so you can tick it off month by month, which is really rewarding and good for money-management.

I’m off to make my purchase and get my first Planet Points, how exciting! What’s on your eco want-list?

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