Water saving technology in the home

In the UK, the average person uses 143 litres of water each day.

143 litres!

So, when research shows that we face severe water shortages within the next 25 years, we should all look at how we use water and what improvements we can make to reduce our usage.

We are on track for England to reach “Day Zero” for water in 2050, which means the day that utility companies will be forced to turn off residents’ water supply due to lack of water.

Thankfully, there is technology that is widely available that will reduce your water usage without compromising on the experience.

In this guide, you will see a breakdown of how to use technology to save water in different areas of your home. You can read our Water Saving Habits guide to see how to reduce your water usage throughout the home without changing your technology.


Use an Eco Shower

The average 5-minute shower uses 75 litres of water, which is essentially half of the water you’d use throughout the day. So, there is a massive opportunity to reduce your water usage when it comes to being in the shower.

Depending on who you ask, the importance of a shower to a person’s daily routine will differ. For me, a morning shower is important for me to start my day right. I want a shower that provides complete coverage and gives me the opportunity to change the spray pattern.

But I also want a shower where I don’t need to feel guilty if I end up being in there for 10, 15 or even 20 minutes.

That’s where Eco Showers come in.


An Eco Shower can reduce your water usage but still provide a great shower experience by using technology that mixes water with air, called aerating.

This mixing process means you will feel the same pressure as a normal shower but use far less water.

In the below example, you can see that if I replace a 12 litres per minute shower with a 6 litres per minute shower, I’d save a staggering £48.40 a year if I shower for 6 minutes a day.


  • £57.33

    £ saved

  • 0.117


  • 13140


  • 3.45

    months payback

How much could this product save you(This will open in a new tab)


That’s a staggering water saving of 13,140 litres a year.

Such a huge saving on water and money will give you more flexibility when choosing an Eco Shower. Rather than go for the brand you’ve never heard of before, you can invest in a piece of German engineering such as Grohe or hansgrohe, and see you earn your money back in just a few months.


Give your taps a refresh

You will use a tap in your home in excess of 10 times a day. Whether that’s when brushing your teeth, washing the dishes, cleaning your hands or simply drinking.

This amount of heavy usage presents multiple opportunities to save water whilst also saving money.

When it comes to activities such as drinking, or cooking – then you must use as much water as it takes. There’s not a great opportunity there to save water. But when it comes to washing hands and dishes, then there’s an opportunity for massive savings.


There will always be the argument of “should I turn the tap off when washing the dishes?”. Some will say yes, and some will say no as you need to wash the soap off. However, I won’t choose sides (yes I will, turn the tap off!).

Let’s assume you leave it running. You will be wasting a significant amount of water, but that can be reduced by fitting an Eco Tap.

Very similar to an Eco Shower, and Eco Tap will mix air and water to reduce the amount of water that flows through the tap when compared to a traditional tap.

In the below graphic, you will see that by switching from a 12 litres per minute tap to a 9 litres per minute tap, you can save 4380 litres of water a year if running the tap for 4 minutes a day.


  • £19.11

    £ saved

  • 0.039


  • 4380


How much could this product save you(This will open in a new tab)


Now imagine that you have an Eco Tap in your kitchen, utility room and all bathrooms – you’ve be saving thousands upon thousands of litres of water a year.

This is a great way to battle against people that leave the tap running when brushing their teeth, or for other bizarre reasons.

Tap aerators

I was brought up constantly being told “if it’s too good to be true, it probably isn’t”. Yay for pessimism. But one thing that truly does sound too good to be true, but actually turns out to be as good as described, are tap aerators.

The technology of the Eco Tap is the same, except a tap aerator just fits to your existing tap and helps you to reduce water usage.

To make it even better, they only cost a few quid and you can install them yourself!

You can save up to 50% on your water usage and see payback within a couple of months.

It’s important you chose the right aerator for your tap, so be sure to use our tap aerator finding tool.

Love the butt!

Not only the butt of poor jokes, a Water Butt is a fantastic method to turn free water into usable water for your garden.

Using a hose to water your plants or grass can cost upwards of £1.50 per hour, so a water butt is a great way to reduce your water spend.

They can be purchased for as little as £20 and you can install them yourself.

If every single house in the UK had one water butt and collected an easy 320 litres of water a year, it would save the UK 8 billion litres of water a year.


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