Verbatim track lights render better colour with innovative filter

Verbatim has upgraded the technology in its dimmable LED track lights to provide even higher quality and colour render.

This is important for environments like retail, museums, galleries and in hospitality where the accuracy and vividness of illuminated colours is essential. The track lights now have a very high Colour Render Index (CRI) of more than 90.

You can compare that with many standard LED track lights that provide a CRI of around 80. The gain of 10 and more might seem small but the difference is significant and crucial in shops and other commercial spaces.

And the company has achieved the boost in quality with no increase in pricing, offering excellent value for money.

The dimmable track lights utilise proprietary Vx-filter technology developed by Verbatim’s patent company, Mitsubishi Chemical, and feature a special filter that raises the colour render index (CRI) and intensity of colours. It effectively “filters in” the light that is desired, rather than excluding parts of the spectrum.

Saturated Red (R9) values are particularly high as these have a noticeable impact on how colours are perceived.


The technology accurately alters the spectral distribution curve in such a way that objects reveal more detail and colours are seen as they would be under natural lighting conditions.

Verbatim says that the VX-filter technology has been designed specifically in accordance with the spectral sensitivity of the human eye to deliver truly outstanding visual perception.

In exhaustive testing, Verbatim checked the accuracy of colours being rendered with the Vx-filter, using 99 colours to determine the current lighting industry standard, TM-30-15. The results are impressive, showing a Fidelity Index (Rf) of 88 (3000K) and 87 (4000K).

VX-filter Gamut

The Vx-filter also performs excellently under tests for Gamut Index (Rg), showing an Rg of >100, so that colours appear more saturated and vibrant as they would do under daylight.

Another innovative element of the track light technology is that it allows designers and installers to flexibly tune the lighting to meet a range of unique requirements with the option to choose between high efficacy or high CRI.

The Vx-filter also features excellent optical properties such as high transparency and superb light transmission and can be also be removed if needed.

The filter has a long lifespan of 50,000 hours and is constructed in DURABIO, a bio-based plastic developed by Mitsubishi Chemical, offering high heat resistance along with scratch and UV protection.

Verbatim’s Vx-filter technology:

  • Delivers precise changes to the spectral distribution curve to enhance the vividness of colours
  • Increases the CRI by +10 from Ra80 to Ra90
  • Increases the Colour Fidelity (Rf) and Colour Gamut (Rg) according to TM-30-15.
  • Luminous Flux (lm): ~ -20% to -25%
  • Colour Temperature (K) with Vx-filter: ~+10%

The VX-filter has been shortlisted for a Lux Award with the winner to be announced on November 24th.

See the Verbatim range here:



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