Verbatim LED VxRGB Natural Vision Candle Product Review

Read our product review of the new Verbatim LED VxRGB Natural Vision LED 1900k Candle Lamp

The Verbatim VxRGB Natural Vision LED Candle (52243) is the warmest colour lamp on the market, offering a market leading 1900k. This LED candle lamp uses Verbatim’s VxRGB technology to provide a warm candle-like glow which closely matches the colour spectrum of a real flame.


The technology inside the lamp is superb, offering a 3 year Verbatim product warranty, 25,000 hour lifetime, 50 lumen output and a Colour Render Index (CRI) of 85.

What is Verbatim VxRGB?

Verbatim VxRGB Logo

VxRGB stands for Violet excited Red, Green and Blue phosphor. Verbatim lamps with this technology ensure excellent colour appearances and a much wider and richer spectrum of light compared to conventional LED light sources. The goal of VxRGB is to ensure that colours appear how they should, in their true form.

Where would I put this lamp?

This particular LED lamp would be seen around the home as well as in hotels, bars, restaurants and other social settings. The thin E14 fitting of this LED candle means that it is perfect for traditional lamps as well as chandeliers and other decorative settings such as table lighting and wall sconces.

Top 3 reasons for buying the Verbatim VxRGB Natural Vision Candle

  • Warmest colour lamp on the market, at only 1900k
  • Huge energy savings of up to 64% compared to transitional incandescent
  • Closest lamp equivalent to candle light

How much is this LED lamp going to save me?

With the 25,000 hour lifetime and 12 hour usage per day, you could see savings of up to £11.83 per year compared to an incandescent equivalent running at 25W and 0.05 tonnes of CO2.

Verbatim VxRGB Natural Vision Candle Savings

With these level of savings, you could see payback in less than a year and with a lifespan of 5 years (based on 12 hours a day for 5 years) could save you up to £60 on your energy bill in its lifetime. The official energy rating of this bulb is B.

What do I personally think about this LED?

As with all Verbatim LED lamps, the quality and build of this lamp is market leading. As soon as you take it out of the box you can feel the build quality and you know you are investing in a product that is going to work for many years.

When you initially switch on the lamp, the quality of the light is great, perfect if you are looking to light a room with a very warm light. I have put these into matching bedside lamps and have created a comfortable, warm atmosphere, which is much nicer than the old incandescent candle lamps I had previously, which were too bright and too cool in terms of Kelvin.

This particular LED has not only won us over but has also come highly recommended from the Lighting Design Awards 2014 and from Lux Magazine.

LUX RecommendsLighting_Design_Awards_2014_Highly_Commended_VxRGB_Technology





Click on the link if you wish to purchase the Verbatim LED VxRGB Natural Vision Candle

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