Use untapped energy savings to pay for energy saving projects

Competitive benefits from energy and water savings are so clear that every business should leap at the chance.

But for some companies, the initial capital cost is the big stumbling block that prevents them from taking the steps needed to reduce utility bills and cut carbon emissions.

And while using current capital resources to fund energy and water projects is the best way forward, there should be no barriers for any company that wants to move to a more sustainable future.

That’s why SaveMoneyCutCarbon has developed a range of sustainability financing options that remove the pressure for capital resources.

Untapped savings

The capital free and risk-free financing focuses on a company’s untapped energy and water savings as the way to pay for energy saving projects like LED retrofits, variable speed drive installations, solar PV panels and many more.

Businesses going down the capital-free route will also benefit when they install water-saving solutions like low-flush Propelair toilets, low-flow taps, Eco showers and other sustainable products.

One thing focusing the minds of businesses and other organisations in the UK is the continual pressure of ever-increasing energy and water bills. Despite some government efforts, commercial utility bills just go on rising.

For example, electricity prices have more than have doubled since 2005 and are forecast to double again over the next ten years. Water rates have leapt by 80% over the past decade and rising demand means they are slated to double in price again in ten years.

How does capital free financing work?

The point about capital free financing is to keep it simple, take the strain off businesses and move as quickly as possible so companies can start saving money and cutting carbon.

The innovative SMCC finance team provides a range of fast, flexible options that simply use the measured savings generated by chosen energy and water saving solutions.

With more than 1,000 energy and water savings projects across all types of buildings installed, SaveMoneyCutCarbon has built a wealth of knowledge, expertise and unique insight into potential savings and challenges around any installation.

The unique capital free route is underpinned by direct relationships with major manufacturers that ensure complete confidence in any products and solutions installed, along with superb measurement technology and an instant credit-approval process.

Once approved, the in-house professional services team carry out a comprehensive energy and water audit while existing consumption data and supply costs are also analysed to fully identify savings.

These savings are clearly and comprehensively shown in the unique cloud-based Savings Opportunity Report Tool (SORT) which also provides investment-ready proposals for supply, installation and ongoing management.

Fixed Payment Scheme

On this scheme we agree with you a fixed monthly payment for a pre-agreed term. This is a simple rental contract similar to a TV, car or photocopier, so off balance sheet with a peppercorn payment for transfer of title at the end of the term. We will calculate your savings and agree the monthly payments with you, but the agreed payment is due each month regardless of savings.

Risk Free / Pay as you Save

This unique and totally risk-free offering covers all aspects of supply, installation, commissioning, measurement, and ongoing support and service. You simply get an agreed percentage of the savings. Measurement technology will be used to measure your actual savings before any installation starts and will remain installed for the duration of the contract. After installation, we will take an agreed percentage of your savings each month. If, for any reason, you believe the savings aren’t being delivered, our team will work with you to understand why and then provide further help to deliver what was expected. If anything fails or savings are not delivered, this responsibility sits with the SaveMoneyCutCarbon team.

  • no product failure risk
  • no capital risk
  • no maintenance risk
  • no lack of savings risk

Peace of mind is provided by the commitment to maintain the installed products for the duration of the contract, meaning companies and other organisations are free from any maintenance or replacement costs.

Savings opportunities

Energy and water projects deliver immediate savings with very impressive results. For example, some LED lighting projects can deliver up to 90% savings on electricity lighting bills, while variable speed drives reduce energy consumption by up to 60%.

Solar PV panels are another key part of business sustainability strategies with energy savings growing over 20-25 years. With capital free solutions, initial costs are covered by the savings made on electricity bills. Lower operating expenses go hand in hand with peace of mind that comes from protection against rising energy costs.

On the water side, the innovative technology from products like the Propelair Eco Toilet delivers water savings of up to 80% on every flush. Highly efficient low-flow taps and showers reduce water consumption by 50% or more.

A real no-brainer

The capital free option has been the perfect sustainability solution for an Essex manufacturer, who used it to install LED lighting. As the company director of operations at U70 says:

“We had a real challenge to find ways to commission much-needed new lighting for the busy warehouse with the running costs being so prohibitive. The capital-free solution provided by SaveMoneyCutCarbon made the decision a real no-brainer and convinced us to go ahead. We haven’t been disappointed – the savings on energy mean that the retrofit is effectively self-financing. We’ll go on saving money for many years, through near zero maintenance costs and lower electricity bills.”

Added to that are the environmental benefits from reducing energy and water usage. With this, there is a clear commercial advantage as customers and staff now expect businesses to be serious about climate change.

Saving money on energy and water bills while reducing carbon emissions is what we call “Sustainability without Compromise”. And capital free solutions mean that this is within everyone’s reach.

The barrier has been removed. Go green today.

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