Urban sustainability, social responsibility and the will to ‘Think Bicycle First’ [VIDEO]


The video comes as the Tour of Britain pro cycling race is about to reach its climax, reflecting even greater interest in the UK in the bike as a sustainable form of fun, business and transport.
You know that we push hard on this blog for national strategies that reduce energy & water consumption, cut carbon footprint and promote best practice in Corporate Social Responsibility.

The video, we think, reflects through a wider but similar prism the need for national changes in planning and execution. The example in the short, excellent video (well worth five minutes of your time!) is Copenhagen, which has moved from car- to bike-centric transport planning.

The video graphically highlights the way planning around bikes has changed, with the focus more on protected cycle lanes – there are more than 1,000 km of these in the city – which are understandably the preferred solution for people who ride or who are thinking of doing so.

“Willing to think bicycle first” is the main message from the short film, which also states that any city can become as bike friendly as Copenhagen within 5-10 years, given the right political will, effective engineers and savvy planners.

Underlying this message is the fact that current urban environments are unsustainable and moving to transport planning driven (pedalled?) by corporate social responsibility in its widest communal sense is the way forward.

I will admit to a personal interest as the family is partial to bike rides at weekends when we can tear ourselves away from the business – it’s just about the best way of relaxing that I know.

Any, click on the video link to watch, and enjoy! And if you have any questions about sustainability or CSR, as well as how to save money and cut carbon through lighting, water and heating solutions, why not call us on 0333 123 5464 or write to us.




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