Top tips for having a plastic free Easter

Easter is such a lovely time of the year for families to enjoy. The children love getting Easter Eggs, indulging in too much chocolate, embracing the Easter bunny, and having fun with the family. Parents perhaps love the extra days off for the bank holidays, and the chance to enjoy time with their children. However, if you are one of the many people looking to be more sustainable and also reduce your plastic, Easter can pose a bit of a problem. There is notoriously a lot of plastic used at this time of year, but I have a few tips to help you become plastic-free during the Easter period. Here are some of the things to consider.

Avoid plastic Easter baskets

One of the popular things to do at Easter time for your children is to look at Easter baskets. Many people like to gift Easter baskets to their children at the start of the Easter break and fill them with Easter treats including chocolate eggs. You might also purchase an Easter basket for your children to take part in an Easter egg hunt. All of these things are great, but when purchasing your Easter basket try and consider one that isn’t plastic. It can be easy and cost-effective to buy a plastic Easter basket, but of course, once they are used they are left dormant. Investing in a wood one or other sustainably sourced material would be beneficial. Also, try and store them so they can be used year after year.


Don’t use plastic eggs for your Easter egg hunt

Traditionally, Easter eggs on an Easter egg hunt were hard-boiled eggs, but as time has moved on, this tradition has changed and we likely now see people using plastic eggs for their Easter egg hunts. So go back to tradition and use hard-boiled eggs instead. This can actually be a great activity for your children as you could dye the eggs or even paint them in different colours. Take time to create the eggs and then hide them ready to be sought out by your children. This is a sustainable way to enjoy a much-loved activity during the Easter period.

If you give gifts at Easter be more sustainable 

Many people choose to buy gifts on Easter rather than chocolate eggs. If you are one of these people or look for different things to add to Easter baskets rather than just eggs then be more sustainable in your choices. Wooden gifts can be a great alternative to some of the plastic things you might find. Or why not fill our Huski Home lunchbox with a selection of Easter chocolates or gifts, as a cute, practical and reusable gifting option?


Make sure you have your sustainable products at the ready for your Easter picnics

Be sure to avoid wrapping sandwiches in clingfilm this Easter and have your beeswax wraps at the ready. These reusable food wraps are a fantastic sustainable solution to keep your food fresh, completely replacing single use clingfilm and sandwich bags in your home (or your picnic).

Keep up with sustainable habits during the Easter break 

Finally, keep up with your sustainable habits. This means when shopping for your Easter meal avoid buying food in plastic packaging, seek out food at farmers markets, or source ingredients locally. During the holiday periods it can be harder to stick with habits as people favour convenience, but be mindful of your choices and you will still be able to enjoy a plastic-free Easter.

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