The SaveMoneyCutCarbon Home app – what the bloggers thought of our free app

Earlier this year we launched our very own free SaveMoneyCutCarbon Home app. We designed the app in line with our mission, to make sustainable living easy and affordable. With many handy features right at your fingertips, it has everything you need to reduce energy, water, plastic and carbon with access to thousands of top tips and simple sustainable swaps.

But don’t just take our word for it (I promise we’re not biased!). We asked some of our favourite bloggers to try our app and let us know their thoughts. Let’s find out what they said…

What did Little Lilypad Co think? 

Little Lilypad Co is a lifestyle blog focusing on sustainable living, saving money, lifestyle and travel while being helpful, funny and honest. With many people worrying about the cost of living and saving money on energy bills, Little Lilypad Co wrote a list of energy-saving ideas for your home. The top tip? To download the SaveMoneyCutCarbon app!

Having worked with us for a while, Little Lilypad Co were excited to hear about our free app to help save energy, carbon, water and plastic all while saving money. They said,

“It’s really interesting that the app helps you to get to know the impact of your household consumption of water, energy, carbon and plastic and has a handy swap shop to understand the eco-friendly swaps you can easily make”.

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What did Us Two Plus You think?

“Choosing sustainable has never been easier with the new SaveMoneyCutCarbon Home app”

Tammy is a mother of three on a mission to make her family more eco-friendly. Her blog shares the ups and downs of her sustainability journey including reviews, book recommendations, eco-friendly products, tips and more.

Tammy has explored every inch of our app and she’s now a pro! Her blog delves into the different sections on the dashboard – Learn & Save, Swap Shop, My Swaps, Swaps of the Week, My Account, Home Club, Impact Statement and Planet Points.

One of our favourite and most-used parts of the app is the Learn & Save section, and Tammy agrees.

“Finding out answers to questions on being more environmentally sustainable and conscious can be hard. Having the ability to find them within an app on your phone seems perfect to me.”

We also both share the belief that regular small swaps help to make a big impact over time. That’s why we created ‘Swap of the Week’ – highlighting one sustainable swap every week, making it easier to tackle the things that seem big. “Having just one swap every week or even choosing one every month will quickly add up to at least twelve swaps a year. Which will build to even more over time and help you to create a sustainable lifestyle you can really sustain, even in the current financial climate” she adds.

Overall, Tammy gave our app a rave review. We’re thrilled that we could help her family cut down on plastic using our Swap Shop.

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What did Mums Savvy Savings think?

The writer behind Mums Savvy Savings is Emma, a blogger, teacher and mum to three. Emma worked with us last year and on our journey, her family learnt more about sustainability and how sustainable swaps can even save you money. Having already switched to many eco products such as the ecoegg laundry egg and Stasher bags, she understands how beneficial the Swap Shop can be.

But Emma’s favourite part of the app is the room-by-room feature, highlighting different elements of your home and recommending sustainable changes. It can be difficult to know where to start sometimes but this features breaks it down into simple steps, you can even tackle it room by room.

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What did Savvy Dad think?

Olly is the founder of Savvy Dad and just like the name indicates, he writes about being savvy and saving money! Of course, what better blog to review our new app that helps you save money by being eco-friendly? We’ve worked with Savvy Dad over the past year and now, he’s given our app a ‘road-test’.

Olly’s favourite feature is the ‘Top Picks’ section, showcasing popular sustainable swaps for your home. Again, he loves the room-by-room feature and believes,

“this is such a handy feature if you are just starting to dip your toes into the world of sustainable choices and have no idea where to start – have a roam around this feature and you will soon start to make the little changes that really add up over time”.

Savvy Dad also loves the Impact Statement feature, letting you know how you spend your money impacts the environment.

“It is very encouraging to see that your choices not only provide outstanding solutions for your home cleaning and maintenance needs but also in the positive impact the purchase has on the wider environment. It is a real motivator to keep on the sustainability track”

His “final bonus” is Learn & Save feature, allowing you to read articles and blogs just like this, anytime and anywhere. You can switch on notifications, alerting you when a new blog is posted so you never miss out.

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What did My Money Cottage think?

Clare is the face behind My Money Cottage and her handy blog is all about making the pennies go that little bit further. She couldn’t wait to take a look at our new app to help save money and lead a more eco-friendly lifestyle.

Just like our other bloggers, Clare finds the app easy to navigate which is something we were really passionate about! We designed the app to make life easier, it shouldn’t be difficult to find the solutions you’re looking for (and didn’t even know you needed them in most cases).

Clare’s favourite section of the app is the Swap Shop because it enables you to

“work through each area of your home and make simple swaps from the products you currently use to more eco-friendly, sustainable products. A big part of this is cutting down on single-use plastic which we all know is incredibly harmful to the environment”.

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Try the app for yourself

Sound good? We thought so! To begin your sustainable journey and save money just like our bloggers, download the free SaveMoneyCutCarbon Home app now.

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