The SaveMoneyCutCarbon bloggers took part in Plastic Free July – read their top tips to going plastic free

Plastic Free July was the perfect time to start your journey to live a more sustainable lifestyle. The SaveMoneyCutCarbon bloggers were excited to try out the products we sent them that not only makes taking part in Plastic Free July easier but products they can use day-to-day. Read what they did for Plastic Free July

Ultimate Packing List for a More Eco-Friendly Holiday

Becky reminds us that it is important not to let our good intentions slip when it comes to avoiding single-use plastic when out and about on our summer holidays.

“If you’re planning on having a BBQ, pop these stretchy silicone food covers into your case too. They’ll keep any leftovers fresh in the fridge. As they come in a range of sizes from 6.5cm to 21cm, there’ll be one that fits any bowl, plate or cup. They are washable and reusable and help cut down on food waste on holiday, or back at home.”

“This pink reusable bag is made of 6 recycled plastic bottles, and nothing else. It packs into a little pocket, but can fit loads of stuff in. It’s actually great for a beach bag, or for shopping.”

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Pinkscharming august

Making efforts to create an eco-friendly home environment is not that difficult anymore

Emma’s dog is fussy when it comes to drinking from water bowls, but even she loved the bamboo dog bowl. Emma was also so impressed with the Cheeky Panda tissues and how great they are for her son’s sensitive skin.

“Your gorgeous pet can even get involved in plastic-free July. SaveMoneyCutCarbon has a range of products for dog owners like me, from toys to feeding bowls. Lilly my Cavachon is super fussy about what she will drink from, but she immediately lapped up her water from the Beco Bamboo Dog Bowl.

“Whilst it could be considered wastefully to even use tissues if you have summer allergies including hay fever there really is a need for tissues. My son has to take tissues to school with him each day as he could not get through the day otherwise. Cheeky Panda cover his needs and are actually better for his sensitive skin.”

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mum savvy savings august

Tips for more Eco-Friendly Camping

Louise explains that you can have an eco-friendly camping or campervan trip with a few handy plastic-free products from SaveMoneyCutCarbon.

“Reusable cloths are something we use a lot at home now but it’s not so convenient when you’re out and about. Luckily, Cheeky Panda have come up with a great solution, with their biodegradable handy wipes and also these antibacterial cleaning wipes, so important in these Covid times especially.

“One of our favourite things to do is having a fire when we are camping. Check the rules of your campsite of course, but a lot of camping and glamping sites provide a fire pit for you to enjoy and we have been testing out these sustainable firelighters which are brilliant and work really well! We will be adding a few to our fire starting kit from now on!”

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Our quest to become more sustainable

Olly is continuously on the lookout for products to make his home more sustainable. He thoroughly enjoyed the range of bamboo alternatives from Cheeky Panda, especially the antibacterial wipes. Olly’s absolute favourites were the Boll**ks to Cling Film silicone food covers.

“The surface wipes, in particular, have been a real favourite this month – it is so refreshing to know that the way we are cleansing our home is not only safe for us but helping to minimise the impact of various cleaning chemicals making their way to landfill or down the drains.

“The absolute star of our products from SaveMoneyCutCarbon this month though goes to the magnificently named ‘Boll**ks to Cling Film’ silicone food covers from Non-Plastic Beach. These washable and reusable food covers preserve food in its original container or leftovers in bowls – basically anything round that you can store your grub in!”

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savvy dad august

Do your bit for Plastic Free July 

Clare talks about Plastic Free July and how SaveMoneyCutCarbon has many products that you swap from plastic to eco-friendly options.

“As a Mum of three with a part-time job and running a business, I really do appreciate how precious time is, and I know just how difficult it can be to find the time to look into plastic-free alternatives. But SaveMoneyCutCarbon have done all the hard work for us – they offer a whole range of plastic-free products to replace some of the items we use every day in our homes.

“None of these ideas are difficult to implement, you’re just swapping one product for another, more eco-friendly alternative, and doing your bit for the planet in the process.”

Read the blog here.

10 Ways To Be An Eco-Friendly Dog Owner

Emma tells her readers about the environmental problems associated with owning and dog and how simple swaps will help reduce your carbon footprint as a pet owner.

“Thankfully we have finally found dog toys that can cope with being tugged, pulled, thrown and shaken and this Beco Pets Recycled Teddy is now a firm favourite. Made from up to 15 recycled plastic bottles, with a puncture-proof squeaker and woven with double stitching for extra strength, this toy is ideal for any rough player.

“There are many dog poop bags on the market right now but if you want to be an eco-friendly dog owner and do what you can for our environment your best option would be a Biodegradable Poop Bag. Whilst these bags are still made with plastic, they’re mixed with an agent that will completely break down in 2 – 5 years – leaving behind no micro-plastics, chemicals or residues.”

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emma reed august

Great Eco Swaps you can make during Plastic Free July 

Tammy has very much the same mindset as us in believing that being eco-friendly can be something you do one small step at a time, and these small swaps can have a very big impact.

“SaveMoneyCutCarbon have two products which are the perfect swap to help you ditch the cling film this summer, the first is one we already love and shared lots about earlier this year. That is Stasher Bags, we have recently used them on a picnic to help ditch the plastic waste we created on our day out.

“The other is a product that I simply love the name of, it sums up how I wish I could tell people to be more plastic free and that is Non Plastic Beach’s Boll**ks to cling film which are silicone food covers. They come in a pack of 6 sizes. These silicone covers are perfect for cups, pots, small plates and so much more. We used them on our picnic to cover over a small glass pot we reuse after eating the cheesecake it contained along with a bowl that contained some pasta. We also used both to bring back food that wasn’t eaten which meant we could put it in our compost bin instead of the already full bins at the park.”

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us two plus you august

Eco-friendly bamboo products that you can switch from other household items

Rick, Naomi and even their teenager were singing praises about the Cheeky Panda bamboo range they tried.

“We’ve been using their eco-friendly kitchen roll. Versus a supermarket own, they are larger and almost like tough paper. They are a lot sturdier and don’t tear as easily as regular kitchen rolls, even when wet. They are an all-around more robust kitchen towel – even my teenager was praising them! The packaging is also fully recyclable with no plastic.”

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Just because Plastic Free July has ended, it doesn’t mean you can’t start your plastic free journey. Take a look at the products we offer make living an eco-friendly lifestyle easier. By joining Home Club you’ll get exclusive discounts on our products. A minute to join, a lifetime of impact. Our bloggers are in, we’re in, are you?

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