The SaveMoneyCutCarbon bloggers look to make their bathrooms eco-friendly – how did they do?

If you’re starting a journey to become more eco-friendly, a good idea is to tackle one room in the house at a time. The bathroom can be a bad place to find hidden plastics, from plastic packaging of cotton buds to plastic floss. Read what the SaveMoneyCutCarbon bloggers think about the products we offer that help can make your bathroom eco-friendly.

8 Bathroom Eco Friendly Products and Swap You Can Make Today

Emma tells us about eight product swaps you can make to turn your bathroom an eco-heaven.  By signing up to our Home Club it allows households to save money on eco-friendly products from large appliances to small eco items.

Reusable make up remover pads can be a great way forward. It enables you to use kinder products on your skin and is an easy bathroom eco-friendly product and swap to make.”

“Plastic toothbrushes are not as recyclable as you might have thought. So a quick eco swap to make would be to consider a bamboo toothbrush instead. It is a great way to encourage a zero waste and plastic free lifestyle and doesn’t affect your routine or habits in any way.”

Read the blog here.

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Do you have an Eco-Friendly Bathroom?

Louise talks about the hidden plastics in bathroom items and how SaveMoneyCutCarbon offers products to help create an eco-friendly bathroom. Louise was impressed with a clever product to save you water with each flush of the toilet and is also a fan of the tube squeezer and how it is particularly good for children and anyone with joint issues.

“You really don’t need that much water per flush and if your household is anything like mine, there are a lot of flushes a day! Popping a flush saver like this one into your cistern is a very simple way of reducing water and has the big bonus of costing you less money per flush too!”

“Get every last inch out of your toothpaste tubes with this nifty toothpaste squeezer gadget! This is particularly good for children and anyone with joint issues as squeezing a tube can be a bit of a dexterity nightmare, no more sinks covered in goo.”

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Eco-friendly bathroom products from toilet to toiletries

Our eco-friendly products went down really well with Olly’s whole family, from his children loving the bamboo toothbrushes, to Olly loving the silk floss to the tube squeezer making it easier to get every last drop of toothpaste from the tube which saves him money.

“First up comes some excellent kids’ toothbrushes from the ‘Non Plastic Beach’ company which you can find at These gorgeous little brushes have a handle made from biodegradable and sustainable bamboo made in China where it grows and bristles which use BPA-free nylon. They have even made the clever decision to colour code the brushes to avoid any arguments between the little ones at bedtime! They’ve been a real hit with my youngsters so far.”

“For the grown-ups in the house, the LiveCoco recyclable toothbrush heads for our electric brushes have been great to switch over to. Most toothbrush heads are made of products that end up in landfill, but all of LiveCoco’s products and packaging are either 100% compostable or recyclable.”

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5 Easy Ways to Make Your Bathroom Routine More Environmentally Friendly

Becky has really tried and tested the products and gives her honest feedback. Another one of our bloggers who is a fan of the tube squeezer, she highlights the multiple uses it has, not just to be used for toothpaste.

“Did you know that regular plasters are mostly made of plastic? Well there is another option now – Nutricare Patches are natural bamboo strip bandages. They come in a robust cardboard tube, which is so much better than those flimsy boxes that get squashed or torn immediately! They fully compost at home in just a few months – 11 weeks to be exact. Plus they are hypoallergenic, so they shouldn’t cause a reaction even on sensitive skin.”

Read the blog here.

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7 Fantastic Sustainable Bathroom Product Ideas

Emma’s blog is reassuring to her readers that removing plastic from the bathroom is simple and doesn’t have to be expensive.

“Did you know that the majority of dental floss options on the market are plastic-based? However, this is another single-use plastic that we can easily eliminate by switching to an eco-friendly version. This fully biodegradable dental floss is made from silk, it naturally breaks down so it’s compostable, while at the same it is as strong and effective as your traditional plastic floss.”

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Switching to eco-friendly bathrooms products 

When talking about the tube squeezer Clare was very honest about her frustrations with getting the last drop of toothpaste from the tube and how the tube squeezer is a game changer.

“I always get frustrated about trying to get the last bit of the toothpaste out of the tube, and the kids really struggle to squeeze it out too. This tube squeezer makes it really easy to get every last drop out of tubes of toothpaste, cream and even make up. The key-shaped squeezer has a little gap in the prong. All you need to do is place the end of the tube inside this gap and then roll the key upwards, forcing out even the tiniest of amounts left in the tube. This is a great way to cut back on waste, and yet again you’ll be helping both the environment and your wallet.”

Read the blog here.

7 Eco Swaps You Never Knew your Bathroom Needed from SaveMoneyCutCarbon

Tammy has been inspired by the products from SaveMoneyCutCarbon, making eco-friendly swaps she would of never thought of before. So what were Tammy’s favourite products this month?

“We’re now way past half way through the year and I can honestly say that our SaveMoneyCutCarbon boxes always inspire and surprise me with their contents. This box was certainly no different and made me aware of products I didn’t know would help make an environmental impact.”

“The other favourite from this month’s SaveMoneyCutCarbon Planet Positive box is the Patch Bamboo Plasters, …I am completely converted now!… After a whole summer month we have use 5 plasters and normally we’d have used at least 4-6 times that with any other plasters from falling off daily. These will now be our go to brand.”

Read the blog here.

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7 Ways You Can Have An Eco-Friendly Bathroom

Donna from littlelilypad has some fantastic top tips to making eco-swaps in your bathroom from swapping to an eco-shower to responsibly sourced toilet paper.

“Make the change to a low-flow shower head which will reduce the amount of water being used at any one time.”

“Responsibly sourced materials like Uranus Wiper. It might seem like a small change to make, but if everyone made this conscious decision it could have a huge impact on the planet”

Read the blog here.

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5 easy eco swaps in the bathroom that won’t cost the earth

Ricky and Naomi from Skint Dad tested our eco-products to see how they compare to the items they usually use. I think it is fair to say out of all the products our bloggers tested, the little tube squeezer is everyone’s favourite.

“One of my absolute new favourite tools for the bathroom is this…Instead of struggling to get the last toothpaste out of the tube or letting it go to waste, this clever little tool and help you save waste.

“With a cheap little tube squeezer, your toothpaste tube turns from this…to this.”

Read the blog here.

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If you’re looking to making some quick, easy eco-swaps in your bathroom, take a look at the products we offer. By joining Home Club you’ll get exclusive discounts on our products. A minute to join, a lifetime of impact. Our bloggers are in, we’re in, are you?

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