The Best Shower Heads for Low Water Pressure

Reducing water and energy bills is a top priority for many of us at the moment. Switching to an eco-friendly low pressure shower head is an easy swap to help keep those bills down. Low pressure shower heads reduce your carbon footprint by reducing the flow of water. You may be thinking “but won’t this impact my shower experience?”, and the answer is no!

With smart technology from leading water-saving brands such as Methven and Grohe, you won’t have to compromise. Check out our entire range of low pressure hand showers to find the perfect fit for your bathroom.

Methven Waipori Satinjet Hand Shower | Chrome & Graphite 

Designed in the exact same way, this shower head for low pressure takes the traditional geometric shapes and subtly tapers them for the attractive and compact modern bathroom. The only difference to the above shower is that this shower head is chrome and graphite and you cannot try it for 30 days.

Using the power of Ecojet technology, you can transform your bathroom. Simply unscrew your old hand shower and add this elegant Waipori shower for a stimulating eco-friendly shower experience.

This shower head could save you £28, 0.058 tonnes of CO2 and 6,570 litres of water per year and only takes 15 months to pay back.

waipori2 -1440-1120

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Methven Kiri Satinjet Hand Shower | Chrome & Graphite 

This shower head is designed for low pressure. It’s an eco-friendly addition to your bathroom and it has a flow regulator so you won’t even notice a difference! Combining smart water engineering, world-leading technology and beautiful design – it will help you reduce your water and energy bills.

The Kiri collection will work on as little as 0.35 bar and has good coverage and larger droplets for low pressure. Using Satinjet technology, you’ll enjoy the ultimate shower experience without a cost to the environment. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about stressful DIY installation because you can replace your hand shower by yourself, there’s no need for a plumber.

It also has a lifetime warranty so you can carry on enjoying your moments of bliss without worrying about the negative impact.

This shower head could save you £28, 0.058 tonnes of CO2 and 6,570 litres of water per year and only takes 12 months to pay back.

methven kiri-1440-x-1120

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Methven Maku Satinjet Hand Shower | Chrome & Graphite

This water-saving shower head is part of the Maku collection. It features a compact spray to optimise the spray force which is perfect for low pressure environments. Designed in a classic minimalistic style, it adds a touch of modern elegance to your bathroom.

Exclusive Satinjet technology combines twin jets to produce over 300,000 droplets of water per second. It’s suitable for all water pressures, making it an ideal addition for electric showers.

This shower head could save you £28, 0.058 tonnes of CO2 and 6,570 litres of water per year and only takes 10 months to pay back.

Check out one of our customer reviews below:

“Vast improvement. We have just moved into a bungalow with the hot water cylinder situated lower than the shower head. The shower was practically unusable with the shower head that was fitted when we moved in. This Methven shower head has now made the shower usable. Money well spent” – Richard M, January 2019.



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Grohe New Tempesta 100 2 Spray Shower Head | Chrome

Grohe is another one of our favourite water-saving brands using their own innovative technology that can save you up to 40% on your water and energy bills. This shower head is ideal for people that suffer from low pressure and is designed for maximum comfort. It has two spray settings: Rain spray which emits the sensation of a soft summer pour and a powerful jet spray for a targeted and revitalising experience.

Water-saving technology includes DreamSpray which evenly distributes water with additional air to all nozzles for a balanced flow and bigger water droplets. Additionally, the EcoJoy system uses a flow rate limiter to limit the amount of water used and an aerator which pushes water into the flow. This ensures that your shower routine becomes eco-friendly while the experience remains the same, and in most instances, it’s even better.

grohe new tempesta 1 144-1120

It keeps getting better! Inner Water Guide technology prolongs its lifespan while the ShockProof silicone ring protects the hand shower from damage in case it’s dropped. The Tempesta 100 features a durable StarLight chrome finish and the SpeedClean anti-limescale system, ensuring any limescale residue is easy to wipe off with just your finger.

This shower head could save you £60, 0.122 tonnes of CO2 and 13,797 litres of water per year and only takes 4 months to pay back.

Check out one of our customer reviews below:

“Excellent replacements for old shower heads, good flow and value for money. I always use Grohe if possible, quality products” – Geoffrey D, August 2020.


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Grohe New Tempesta Cosmopolitan 100 2 Spray Shower Head | Chrome 

This new Grohe shower head has the power to amplify your water pressure without having to change your entire water system! Designed with the latest Grohe technology such as DreamSpray, EcoJoy, Inner Water Guide, and SpeedClean systems – it has everything you need to use and heat less water.

The Inner Water Guide works by protecting the chrome later from the inside while ensuring that the shower head never gets too hot to handle. Whether you choose the Rain spray or the Jet Spray setting, you’re guaranteed a pleasant shower experience.

grohe new tesmpesta cosmopolitan 1440-1120

The StarLight chrome finish is scratch-resistant and both Grohe low-pressure shower heads have a Universal Mounting System so it fits all standard shower hoses without any problems. However, for a low-pressure environment, we recommend that the shower hose has a 12mm bore hole and pressure is at least 1.0 bar.

This shower head could save you £23, 0.049 tonnes of CO2 and 5,457 litres of water per year and only takes 12 months to pay back.

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Take the low road 

Explore our full range of low pressure hand showers to help you reduce your carbon footprint and household bills. If you want to go further, make sure you’re part of our Home Club to reap exclusive benefits such as our Club Price Promise, access to hot deals and priority dispatch.

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