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Why should people be swapping the comfort of their car for an electric bike? One of the biggest issues with working life, especially in cities is the dreaded commute. There’s nothing worse than being surrounded by hundreds of cars going at 10mph, feeling stressed and knowing that it’s bad for the environment.

This is where our electric bikes comes in. Small and light enough to swiftly manoeuvre around the busy streets with enough range to get you to work and back, saving you money, helping the planet and, let’s not forget, being fun too.

Get healthier without breaking a sweat

Unless you have showers at work, the thought of cycling into work and having to sit at your desk in smelly damp clothes is enough to put anyone off.

The great thing about eBikes is the small yet powerful motor which gives you a boost with assisted peddling. This means you can get around without arriving at work in a hot sweaty mess. You will still, however, get a solid workout using your eBike – the motor is there to assist you, but you still have to pedal, which gets your heart rate up.

It will be a workout that is fun, so you are more likely to leave the car and bike to work. And of course, if you want to push yourself a little harder you can turn off the assistance!

Save time – eBikes get you where you want to go faster!

You might think it’s quicker to get to work in the car, but once you are finally out of the slow traffic jam you then have to drive around looking for a parking space.

You don’t have to worry about changing out of your Lycra gear and having a shower at work like you would when using a cycle bike. If you get the train or bus to work, that last mile you might walk will be faster with your Inmotion P2 Folding Commuter eBike.

They easily get to 15.5 mph, which is often faster than most cars travel at on average in a city!

Saves you money

One of the many things we love about the Axon Rides Pro Folding Commuter eBike is that once you’ve paid for the bike and helmet, that’s it! No trips to the fuel station, no MOT, no road tax, and no insurance – you could save £1,500* a year vs driving a car to work!  That is amazing! Public transport is better for the environment than cars, but with the continuous rises in fares it is expensive and a reason why a lot of people travel by car. An eBike is better for the planet and your wallet! You could save even more money for a limited time only – when you buy selected Axon Rides eBikes you’ll get a FREE electric scooter worth £355!

Commuting eBikes – they’re the future!

Get ahead of the game, be a leader and do something different. Our folding commuter eBikes are compact. They fold to easily fit in the back of the car, stores on the bus, train, at home, and at work and are light enough to fold down and carry up and downstairs and escalators. With its front and rear brakes, you’ll feel safe zooming around town.

It’s fun!

Forget road rage in the car, wave goodbye to the stress of the bus turning up late and never worry again about squeezing onto an overcrowded sweaty train. Enjoy your calm pedal to work, get some fresh air and gentle exercise and have fun on your electric bike. Now you will enjoy your daily commute to work, gaining plenty of smiles per hour.

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