Tap Aerators – the invisible miracle from NEOPERL, a company committed to excellence

NEOPERL designs and produces innovative solutions for water and its invisible miracle – the tap aerator – is a mini marvel of engineering.

We had the chance to visit the UK offices of one of our supplier partners, NEOPERL and we came away with more than a little admiration for a company so clearly committed to excellence.

You may think that tap aerators are all pretty much the same – think again.

Neoperl M22 Female Eco Tap Aerator - 5 Litres Per Minute Flow Rate

The NEOPERL tap aerator is a clever piece of kit but it is the attention to detail, the planning and relentless testing, that sets it apart from competitors. We saw first-hand exactly how much research and development is committed to maintaining the highest levels of quality in what is, on the surface a simple water-control mechanism.

The tap aerator is designed to work optimally in almost any situation and is a very cost-effective and efficient product that helps to regulate the flow of water throughout a property.

Accuracy and quality

The UK offices are crammed with bright engineers, scientists and support staff, numbering over 100, while the NEOPERL Group has a workforce of over 900 employees spread across 13 countries worldwide. The NEOPERL promise is that the tap aerators’ accuracy and quality deliver consistency wherever they are installed, which itself is a brilliantly simple process.

The company leaves nothing to chance and their stringent commitment to the highest standards have convinced companies such as Bosch and Toto to buy their products and use them within their range of plumbing, heating, filtration and other appliances.

NEOPERL is also committed to making a significant contribution to climate and environmental protection by helping consumers to conserve water and helping to reduce energy consumption in the production of hot water. That’s just one more reason why we chose the company as a supplier partner.

Now, of course, anyone can search the web and find a “cheap as chips” tap aerator but we are convinced that in this case, buying cheap means buying twice. Far too many products are shipped without quality controls and they have not been developed with the engineering and scientific knowledge that NEOPERL bring to its creations.

The tap aerators are simple but beautiful in engineering terms. They are also guaranteed to last. Just fit them and forget – except you will be reminded of their efficacy when you next check your water bill.

Hospitality sector

For the hospitality/hotel sector, in particular, these invisible miracles make a significant difference, with water consumption reduced by more than 50% in many cases. That has a direct impact on the property’s bottom line and there is the added benefit that less energy is used to heat the water, which further reduces costs, and also reduces carbon emissions – a triple win.

We are also often reminded by our customers how quickly this type of “SaveMoneyCutCarbon” investment pays for itself. The ROI is measured in months, not years and that applies to every setting, from a single domestic bathroom or kitchen to larger business properties with many taps, to hotels boasting many hundreds of taps.

The NEOPERL tap aerators are just one important element in our “end-to-end” solution that helps businesses to reduce their utility costs and cut carbon at the same time. You would need to work out your current flow rates and the quickest, easiest way to do this is by using a flow bag.

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