A tale of two footprints showing the future of mankind

Two footprints many millennia apart are a wonderful reminder of how far we’ve come and how important our next steps will be.

The first footprint is graphically depicted in a video from the Telegraph. The short film shows the oldest British human footprints, revealed when strong seas swept away the sand on a Norfolk beach to expose the rock sediment. It’s a poignant moment frozen for around 900,000 years. Click on the image to watch.

Video still image of oldest human footprints in Britain

The second footprint is from our current age, produced by Stanford Kay and shows the comparison of total carbon dioxide emissions by nation and per capita. It also indicates the scale of the task ahead in reducing carbon footprint globally.

Click on the image to download the full-size infographic.

Carbon footprint infographic

For Britain alone, the reduction of carbon emissions is a fiendishly complex challenge. By 2020, we have committed to shrinking that footprint by between 12-17%, along with the rest of the EU. And by 2050, we plan to reduce emissions by 80%, compared to the 1990 figures.

To achieve this longer-term goal, some commentators advise that every household in the country will need to achieve very low or zero carbon status. That being the case, we should be taking greater strides right now in addressing the major problem of energy-inefficient homes.

We need a new Green Deal, very soon indeed. The old one is not resting. It’s fossilised. The new Green Deal should be a flagship for any far-sighted government that takes the emissions challenge seriously.

It should be all inclusive, comprehensive and actively promote every single energy and water-saving solution. There should be gradations to ease people into the carbon reduction programmes. Many tiny steps can make a big difference – from fitting LED lighting to water efficient fittings like eco showers, eco taps and tap aerators.

For those able and willing, wholehearted financial backing should be available to rapidly transform a home to zero carbon status. Pathfinder developments like the Oxford Green House, which we’re supporting, point the way but so much more can be done if we all work together on the biggest footprint project in history.

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