Sustainable products Uranus can roll with

Which toilet rolls are eco-friendly? Should we give a crap? And what should we be wiping our Uranus with?

I’m Kirsty – I lead on testing and selection for the sustainable living range of products here at SaveMoneyCutCarbon.

We’re all inundated with subscription models and pun-led toilet roll brands claiming to be eco-friendly. And after the last lockdown, toilet roll supplies have been at the front of people’s minds.

As a busy working woman whose family seems to eat toilet roll, I don’t want to be regularly donning my explorer hat to search the shop shelves for the lesser spotted toilet roll, and nor do I want to continually fill my recycling bin with plastic wrapping that the recycling fairy quite frankly can’t cope with anymore.

Enter stage left, SaveMoneyCutCarbon’s Home Club Membership and our partnered toilet roll brand Uranus Wiper.

toilet roll on holder

Why choose Uranus Wiper?

Well, I could opt to go with the cute panda or that colourful brand who clearly does give a crap – but I haven’t. Here are my top reasons why you should join our Home Club and rocket to Uranus…

  • Uranus Wiper itself – in these strange and challenging times imagine getting a product called Uranus Wiper delivered to your door – it certainly brightens up working from home and adds something new to your ‘what did you last buy’ conversations.
  • It’s not bamboo – we must stress that as a material, we at SaveMoneyCutCarbon love bamboo – it grows like a weed, doesn’t need chemical fertilisers, grows 30 times faster than trees, produces 30 times more oxygen and absorbs 35 times more carbon dioxide.

uranus wiper lifestyle


And yes – our business does have first-hand experience of this, the virgin bamboo pulp that is being used to make toilet roll is clogging up our pipes and expensive plumber call outs is not sustainability without compromise.

  • It’s not shipped from Asia – bamboo is obviously grown throughout Asia, which means to get it to the UK the carbon emissions rack up. It’s true to say carbon offsets can be bought – however wouldn’t it be great if we didn’t ship from China and still engaged in activities where we call offsetting as part of business as usual?
  • It’s made from recycled paper – this means old newspaper and similar materials, not people’s old toilet roll. Which is great because it’s less material going to landfill, and just to bring it home NO TREES are cut down.

toilet roll stock

Fancy some more facts?

Did you know, 75% of the paper used in Uranus Wiper is paper that would have ended up in landfill, and the remaining 25% is wastage from virgin paper manufacturing processes.

  • Chemicals and Bleaches don’t apply here – the wastepaper is heat treated and cleansed with water before oxygen is used to whiten it. Other toilet roll brands use chlorine and other chemical nasties which are harmful to our environment.

In fact, this manufacturing process produces 75% less carbon emissions.

  •  It’s water saving – the process of manufacturing Uranus Wiper saves 30,000 litres of water compared to the production of non-recycled paper.
  • It’s energy saving – compared to the production of non-recycled paper 64% less energy is used – this is enough to power an average three-bedroom house for a whole year.
  • It’s 4 PLY – PLY means the thickness or number of sheets; each sheet of your toilet roll is made from. You will find that most alternatives are only 3 or even less.

toilet rolll recycle

Still need persuading?

At SaveMoneyCutCarbon we test all of our products before we let them loose into Home Club and trust us we’ve tried a lot of recycled toilet roll alternatives which we had to break up with if you get my drift.

  • There’s no plastic packaging – you can compost, you can recycle, or you can origami. Yes origami…reuse the packaging to create an origami rose, chair or even a dragon, we don’t condone this as working from home procrastination just to be clear.
  • It’s good for every toilet – no blockages here and it’s safe for septic tanks.
  • What happens in club stays in club – joining Home Club means you get our lowest possible price…I am talking prices so low that your stress levels won’t even move if your nine year old uses half a roll in one sitting.
  • It starts with a box – we have your back, sign up for one our regular repeat sustainable living boxes and never have one of those days again.

So, there you have it, we have done the hard work, so you don’t have to.

Come and find out how easy it is to start your sustainability journey and join our Home Club.



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