Sustainability For All

It seems that sustainability and eco-friendly living has really come to town.  Not just any part of town either but the most expensive area of London.

According to an article in the Home section of The Sunday Times yesterday Grosvenor Group, which manages the 200 acres in Belgravia and 100 acres in Mayfair owned by Gerald Grosvenor, the 6th Duke of Westminster, is showing its commitment to the long term sustainability of its portfolio by retrofitting eco features, from solar panels to grey-water recycling.

Like any sizeable business the group has an obligation to cut carbon emissions under the government’s Carbon Reduction Commitment, which aims to slash CO2 emissions by 80% by 2050.

This high profile ‘green’ initiative is extensive and covers the full spectrum of energy and water savings – no mean feat in such period and often listed buildings. Only a few years ago it would have been almost impossible to source suitable quality products for such a project as eco-friendly was almost synonymous with cheap and cheerful.

Today however the range of available eco shower heads, for example, offers something for all types of domestic and commercial properties including handheld, fixed and rain head versions.  And LED lighting technology has improved greatly from the earlier days of poor and inconsistent light output and disappointing energy savings – today’s superior LED bulbs have been designed and developed for wide ranging applications using the best and most cutting-edge and innovative technology available.



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