Stuck at home? Start a DIY Eco Bathroom Project

Homes all across the UK are occupied by people with itchy feet, wanting to get out of the house and enjoy the spring weather. However, for our own safety we’re being encouraged to stay home where possible – leaving our feet to remain itchy.

Those itchy feet are beginning to fill time by playing games, exercising and beginning DIY projects. But many DIY projects such as painting and building require materials which often need to be seen in person before deciding on (you can’t chose paint online!). Seeing as painting isn’t necessarily required, then we can’t pop out to the local hardware store.

A DIY project that can be done though, is an Eco Bathroom DIY project.

Changing bathroom fixtures such as taps, shower heads, and shower hoses can make a massive change to the appearance of your bathroom. And, if you opted for eco-friendly products then you’ll see significant water savings too. Luckily for you, all our eco taps and shower products can be bought online.

Shower heads

The most common flow rate for showers is 12 litres of water per minute. Based on one 6-minute shower every day for a year, you could save £48.40 a year by moving to an eco-shower head that has a flow rate of 6 litres per minute.

Eco showers may run at a lesser flow rate, but by using a mix of air and water, you won’t feel any difference in regards to water pressure.

Each of our shower products has a Water Savings Calculator to show you how much money you could save, as well as how long it will take for the product to pay for itself.

Click here to find your ideal shower.

Eco Taps

Like shower heads, a new tap can bring a fresh lease of life to your bathroom whilst also reducing your water usage.

A tap running at 12 litres per minute for 4 minutes every day could have its costs slashed if replaced by a tap running at 5 litres per minute – saving £37.64 per year.

All of our taps have a Water Savings Calculator, so have a browse and find a tap that matches your design and savings requirements.


Tap Aerators

One of the most cost effective methods of saving water, is a tap aerator. These small devices, available for as low as £3, fit to your existing taps and reduce water flow by as much as 50%.

Just like our taps and showers, these aerators use a mixture of air and water to ensure there’s no loss in pressure.

Not all taps can have tap aerators fitted, but we have created an easy-to-use guide on finding the right aerator for your taps.

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