Solve complex data capture challenges with GWT Insight

Would you keep burning fuel if you knew it was wasted? If you could be told a fire was about to start or a pipe about to burst would you ignore it? Would you want to know why you keep paying more to operate your building than a competitor? Do you want to know when a customer will complain before they tell you?

Whether reducing risk, improving quality of customer experience or saving money access to reliable, real time and relevant data is now underpinning new ways to improve business performance. With origins in the insurance industry GWT Insight has developed technology to provide the answer to complex data capture challenges in commercial buildings.

The GWTI device is simple to install, working across open protocols and many of widely used closed protocol systems it is plugged in to the buildings BMS, once connected it listens to building systems, sensors or business specific equipment without affecting their operation.

Unlimited data can be captured, classified, standardised, compressed and protected with advanced security protocols. The data then flows via the cloud to client information systems, dashboards and user interfaces including tablets, desktops and mobile phones in near real time.

The unique approach to data management and ability to deliver real time data on what is happening, and critically inform ‘why’ makes GWTI’s solution a highly cost effective platform to drive material benefits for anyone involved in the performance of commercial property.

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