Smart radiator valves that can save up to 30% on school heating bills

Hard-pressed schools can save up to 30% a year on heating bills with innovative and smart radiator controls.

Radbot is smart heating made simple – no need for WiFi, apps or even a plumber.

Wasted heat from out-of-hours and winter holidays alone costs a typical primary school £2,500 each year and as much as £7,500 in secondary schools, according to data from South West London Environment Network.

Radbot helps to stop this waste by automatically adjusting the temperature so building managers and other staff don’t have to.

Every 1°C reduction in temperature can save up to 10% on school heating bills.

Smart Radiator Valves

Radbot detects when a room is occupied by measuring changes in light and heats the room when being occupied, lowering the temperature when it’s not.

After installing the easy-fit Radbots to school radiators, each one learns usage patterns, heating rooms only when needed. It detects occupancy through monitoring and detecting changes in light levels, like turning lights on/off, drawing/opening curtains and day/night cycles, as well as interaction with the device (setting the temperature or pressing the boost button).

This information is then used by its unique occupancy algorithm to predict when a room will be occupied or unoccupied. Radbot also learns how long it takes to heat a room, making sure it is warm when it is to be used.

What’s great is that if the usage schedule changes, Radbot quickly learns this and updates the heating pattern.

Key benefits:

  • Proven savings of up to 30% on heating bill
  • Pays for itself in 1-2 heating seasons
  • Fit and forget
  • No app, wifi, or programming schedules
  • Fit in less time than changing a light bulb.

Smarter than TRVs

Radbot looks similar to thermostatic radiator valves (TRVs) but is radically better. While TRVs control heat output in each room they keep the temperature the same all the time, unlike Radbot which makes automatic adjustments, saving money on heating bills.

And Radbot is also smarter than devices like Nest and Hive. These control the heating for the whole property whereas Radbot heats rooms individually based on occupancy. It’s a much better way to control heating and costs.

If these devices are already installed, that’s no problem for Radbot. It will not interfere with any smart home thermostat and just overrides the temperature thermostat to provide room by room control.

How to install Radbot

Radbot is designed to work with any radiators operating on a wet central heating system and it’s advised to check with the heating provider before installing.

It can be installed on any radiator with an existing TRV by simply removing that thermostat, and fitting a Radbot. Here’s how easy it is!

YouTube video

How to buy Radbot

Radbot is available to buy from our online shop in either single or multi-packs. If you would like to speak to someone about Radbot in your school, then please get in touch using the form below and an energy saving expert will be in touch.

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