Smart lighting controls save up to 60% energy

Smart lighting controls are the intelligent way to control energy costs – saving up to 60%.

Our Energi TriPak is a quick-install, efficient and robust lighting controls solution. Energi TriPak is manufactured for SaveMoneyCutCarbon by world-leading controls partner Lutron and is a family of wireless energy saving products featuring Radio Powr Savr TM sensors, Pico TM controls and PowPak TM load controllers.

Graph showing energy savings with intelligent lighting controls

Main features:

  • Save up to 60% on existing lighting electricity usage and even more when combined with our controllable LED range of tubes, panels and bulbs
  • Increase occupant comfort and productivity
  • Control virtually all loads
  • Reduce installation and programming cost, order online and install yourself or speak with our Field Service installation team for fast, professional and certified installation.

Studies show that proper lighting is beneficial to people. By providing task-appropriate lighting and individual lighting control, Energi TriPak improves comfort and satisfaction, which aids increased productivity.

How it works

Energi TriPak consists of transmitting devices that send out radio frequency (RF) commands to load controllers. The load controllers receive the RF command and perform the appropriate action based on the information received.

Energi TriPak needs no additional wiring. The components communicate wirelessly via Lutron’s reliable Clear Connect Radio Frequency (RF) technology. And simple button press programming eliminates the need for factory commissioning.

Energi TriPak is the ideal solution for new construction or retrofit in the widest range of environments:

  • Offices
  • Schools
  • Hotels & restaurants
  • Hospitals and care homes
  • Corridors and common areas
  • Stores and cupboards
  • Specific area of factories and warehousing

Lighting typically accounts for 20.8% of electricity usage in a new construction or retrofit commercial applications, which include space such as such as classrooms and offices. These applications benefit from Energi TriPak energy savings through strategies like:

  •  Automatic occupancy
  •  Vacancy sensing
  •  Daylight harvesting

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