Simple ways to measure your savings in energy and water

At SaveMoneyCutCarbon, we believe in simple, effective measures to show your savings in energy and water. The flow bag is a simple tool to measure the flow of your existing taps and shower heads.

You can use the flow bag to measure the flow rate of your existing taps before and after installing one of our water and energy saving products, and instantly see the savings.

Simply place under your existing tap or shower head and run for just 5 seconds. Read off your flow on the chart and see your potential savings.

There are full instructions printed on the flow bag and it is completely reusable. 

YouTube video

Be sure to measure the flow rate again after fitting one of our water and energy saving Eco Tap Aerators, EcoSmart Taps or EcoSmart Shower Heads to confirm your savings.

Watch the videos to see how easily you can accurately measure savings with the flow bag.

Measuring the savings you will make in lighting by using our solutions is simply a question of comparing your electricity bill before and after installation. We know that there are many variables but we can guarantee that you will see a big difference.



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