Serious Tissues: the eco-friendly alternative to toilet paper

The average adult will use 384 trees-worth of toilet roll in their lifetime and overall, roughly 10 million trees are cut down each year. Switching to eco-friendly toilet roll such as Serious Tissues could drastically reduce your carbon footprint and prevent deforestation all around the world.

What is the environmental impact of traditional toilet paper?

Toilet paper is generally made from new or ‘virgin’ paper which means it’s made directly of tree pulp and it does not contain any recycled content. Chemicals and water are also used in the production process to break down the trees into a usable fibre.

But, only 30% of the world actually uses toilet paper, the rise of four-ply and quilted toilet roll comes from our desire for more luxury items. This luxury costs our planet dearly as trees are vital. They give us oxygen, store carbon, stabilise the soil and provide homes to millions of animals and organisms.

Introducing the solution… Serious Tissues 

Made from old paper such as newspapers, office documents and Christmas cards, Serious Tissues are 100% recyclable and plastic-free. A 36 pack has 280 sheets of 3 ply toilet roll which are made without any chemicals, perfumes or dyes. Arriving in a recycled cardboard box, it couldn’t be better for the planet.

Except it can! When you buy a pack of Serious Tissues, they plant a tree to help restore ecosystems and protect forests. Partnering with different associations across the globe, trees are being planted in the UK, Nepal, Indonesia, Madagascar, Mozambique, Kenya, Ethiopia, Haiti, Columbia and Central America. So when you switch to Serious Tissues, you’re preventing deforestation and providing work to local communities. At the time of writing this, Serious Tissues had planted 341,064 trees.

Serious Tissues don’t just want to stop deforestation, they want to reverse it. According to research, a global tree planting programme has the potential to remove one-quarter of all emissions created by human activity.

Professor Tom Crowther at the Swiss university ETH Zurich who led the research says, “this new qualitative evaluation shows [forest] restoration isn’t just one of our climate change solutions, it is overwhelmingly the top one”. That’s why supporting businesses such as Serious Tissues is so beneficial to the planet!

Although bamboo toilet paper is also an eco-friendly alternative, using recycled paper from the UK means that you can reduce your carbon footprint further as it doesn’t need shipping from other countries.


What’s the price comparison?

Serious Tissues cost £30 altogether (83p per roll), which may sound like a lot but considering the number of sheets in a roll and their minimal carbon footprint, it’s worth it. Although Andrex toilet paper costs 50p per roll, a roll only has 200 sheets, therefore switching to Serious Tissues means you get more sheets for your money. And of course, the planet gains an extra tree!

Bazoo toilet paper costs £24 for 24 rolls, working out at £1 per roll. Although bamboo is also a sustainable alternative, using recycled paper from the UK reduces carbon emissions from transport.

You can save the planet from your toilet seat. Become a club member today and purchase a 36 pack of Serious Tissues for only £25. Plus, you’ll earn 30 planet points to put towards your next purchase!

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