SaveMoneyCutCarbon platform is all about the “doing” part of sustainability

SaveMoneyCutCarbon has a platform that is all about the “doing” part of sustainability, as CEO Mark Sait advised visitors at a recent Southampton eco expo.

The platform is market-leading, people want to do something, the timing is right, it’s needed and supports the behaviour change required, both in the industry and end users, if we’re going to start tackling the climate emergency, energy, water and all the other issues.

Mark was clear that SaveMoneyCutCarbon is a fast-growing company, doubling in size every year but is not a traditional “tree-hugging” sustainability consultancy. We are part of the business mainstream with practical solutions and services.

SaveMoneyCutCarbon have built a platform that responds to four main factors driving change.

Social Pressure

The first is social pressure, which includes not only the headline-catching work by Greta Thunberg and Extinction Rebellion, but significantly is seen in the fact that the Dad with the Porsche outside school gates is nowhere near as cool now as the Dad with the Tesla. Green is cool.

So there’s a lot of social pressure. We see the plastic in the seas, we see the demonstrations in London. There’s a real change – people are saying they really want to do something. The question is “What?”


The second factor driving change in behaviour is legislation. If I tell you to not use your mobile in the car, you are not going to stop but if I tell you that using your mobile while driving you will be fined £100 and three points on your licence, you are going to stop!

Legislation continues to be enacted around the globe. For example, there are countries where you cannot let out buildings that do not have good energy ratings. Along with this will come carbon taxes. We will all have to contribute financially to the infrastructure changes that are needed.

Demand Pressure

A third factor impacting change is demand pressure. The recent big blackout in the UK is an indication of the pressures on the national energy supply. Basically, there are not enough power stations being built. The old fossil-fuel generators are being taken offline but there does not seem to be a very clear strategy of what to build.

There’s a lot of renewable energy generation being commissioned but will this provide enough energy at the right times of day? Currently not.

So let’s take an example of what we can expect from changing demand pressures. There is a government strategy to have all new vehicles powered by electric motors by 2040. If you look at a hotel like the Park Inn by Radisson at Heathrow, one of our customers, this is a 895-room hotel with 600 car-parking spaces.

Given that current estimates are for 12 million electric vehicles (EVs) by 2030, think about what would happen if you plugged in 600 EVs at the hotel at the same time. You would wipe out the power supply at the hotel and most of Heathrow airport. So, changing behaviour around demand pressure and load pressure is crucial.

Profit Protection

The fourth factor is profit protection. Simply, businesses have to change the way they operate radically if they are to survive.

And the simplest and most effective ways to embrace changes in the market are to reduce consumption. That’s where SaveMoneyCutCarbon comes in. It is the “go-to” brand for the range of elements that help companies, organisations and homes to reduce their energy and water use.

As Mark reminded people at the event, reducing usage is by far the most effective way to tackle rising costs and climate change. Just a fraction of the billions being spent on smart meter roll-out across the UK, if spent on providing LED lights for every home in the UK, would reduce electricity usage for lighting by upwards of 80-90% – a huge saving nationally.

SaveMoneyCutCarbon are here to help

Beyond LED, SaveMoneyCutCarbon stays on top of rapid technology changes, testing and proving the best innovations, from low-flush toilets like Propelair which reduce water use by 84%, to Vestemi’s new Radbot smart radiator control, to Signify’s amazing Interact Pro connected lighting solution.

This is all focused on the “doing” part of helping to change things, becoming more sustainable in business and at home, about being smart, making the right choices and balancing the budgets for transformation.

So if you’re asking yourself “What can I do?”, then speak to us.

Find out how we can help your business.

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