Our Home App – the best sustainability app?

SaveMoneyCutCarbon’s motto has always been that small changes have a big impact, and more importantly, to make those changes easy. What better way to help you live sustainably than with their very own free sustainable app! The new SaveMoneyCutCarbon Home app is the place to learn, shop and save. One app to help you be more sustainable by reducing energy, water, plastic & carbon all while saving money.

What is the app?

The world of sustainability can be a confusing one and starting your journey is the hardest part. The SaveMoneyCutCarbon Home app is designed to make sustainable living as easy as possible, helping you learn about eco-friendly swaps & everyday tips that help you save money.

The app is split into different sections:

  • Learn & Save
  • Swap Shop
  • My Swaps
  • Top Picks
  • Planet Points
  • Impact Statement
  • You can also manage your online account

Whether you’re looking to reduce your rising energy bills, cut down on plastic or minimise your carbon footprint, the app has everything you need!

Why do I love it?

I rely on my phone to manage many things in my life: I have my calendar, online banking, social media – you name it. I love having everything in one place and accessible, on the go at any time. The SaveMoneyCutCarbon Home App is the one eco-friendly app that’s made it easy to live sustainably and save money.

Learn & Save 

I love staying up to date with the latest sustainable news and products. With the app, I have access to thousands of bitesize Learn & Save articles just like this one, right at my fingertips. You’ll definitely find me searching for meat-free recipes and learning the best water-saving tips on my commute to work or while I’m waiting for the kettle to boil. Even better the app notifies me when there’s a new Learn & Save article to read.


Swap Shop and My Swaps

One of the best parts of the app is the ‘Swap Shop’. It helps you identify products around your home that aren’t very eco-friendly. It then provides you with eco-friendly alternatives, compiles a personalised list and transfers you to the SaveMoneyCutCarbon website for a quick checkout.

Usually, I write down all of the things I want to buy in my notes on my phone. Instead, it works just like a sustainable shopping app automatically compiling a list in ‘My Swaps’ which saves so much time. Swapping couldn’t be easier, you just have to swipe – it’s kind of like online dating, except you always want to swipe right!

For example, when I head to the kitchen, the app alerts me to a terrifying fact about clingfilm. When I click ‘find a swap’, it suggests two different alternatives – beeswax wraps and BOLL**KS to Cling Film Silicone Covers. When I give one of the products the green heart of approval, it comes up in the ‘My Swaps’ section. You can save all of your swaps until payday or you can buy it as you go.


Planet Points 

You’ll get rewarded for every eco-friendly swap you buy by earning Planet Points to spend online. The app tracks your planet points as you spend so it’s no hassle to excitedly check how much you’ve saved for your next purchase. Find out what planet points are.


Impact Statement 

Your personalised Impact Statement works just like a carbon footprint tracker. For every eco-friendly swap you buy it tracks how much money, energy, water, and carbon you’ve saved.


Top Picks 

Lastly, if you’re too busy to build your ‘My Swaps’ list straight away you can browse ‘Top Picks’. This lists SaveMoneyCutCarbon’s most popular eco-friendly and money-saving swaps. You don’t even have to think about it because SaveMoneyCutCarbon does all of the hard work for you.

It’s a game changer! 

This environmentally friendly app is a game changer, and it reminds me each day that small swaps add up to make a real difference to my carbon footprint and the planet. To carry on reaping the benefits of SaveMoneyCutCarbon, download our Home app for free and start making planet-friendly choices at the touch of a button.

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