SaveMoneyCutCarbon expert HVAC energy saving advice features on Hospitality Net

SaveMoneyCutCarbon CEO Mark Sait shares expert view about HVAC energy savings on Hospitality Net.

In ‘Smart ways to control energy costs’, Mark offers hotels top advice on how to reduce energy consumption to benefit the bottom line.

Mark advises: “The business case for energy efficiency in the hospitality sector grows stronger month by month. It is driven by three factors – energy prices, requirement to cut CO2 emissions and improving market valuation through a better bottom line.

“It is no easy task to even begin the process of executing a sustainable energy efficiency strategy in a single hotel, let alone a group but there is a growing body of evidence that reinforces the case for change.”

Controlling HVAC costs through intelligent guest room controls is a proven way to achieve energy savings of 35-45%, Mark says.

As the article underlines, “Any proposed energy efficiency solutions need to be based on sound business logic and offer a very clear idea of return on investment timings. As a key part of this, the hotel management should be able to measure accurately and understand current consumption rates, identifying the ‘quicker wins’ and so prioritise investment decisions.

“Any solution should also provide the means to measure and monitor, providing detailed feedback for management, allowing it to direct any adjustments needed and also accurately track savings against the payback schedules.”

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