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Christmas definitely wasn’t the same last year as so many families were forced to spend the festive season apart. I’m doubly excited this year but one thing that has stuck with me throughout the pandemic and beyond, especially due to COP26, is that saving the Planet is the only thing I truly want this Christmas.

If you’re stuck between wanting to make the most of Christmas this year but not wanting to contribute to all of the waste that comes with it – we understand! That’s why we’ve created this eco-friendly Christmas gift guide so you don’t have to compromise.

Eco-friendly soy candles

Giving someone a candle is like giving someone a big hug. Frosty air, layers of jumpers and binge-watching Netflix, it’s the perfect winter evening and a candle is the finishing touch. However, you might not realise but traditional candles aren’t good for the planet because they’re made from paraffin wax, a by-product of petroleum.

Soy wax is made from soybeans and it’s better for the environment because it releases fewer chemicals and VOC’s, it’s a more natural production process, it’s renewable and it burns slower so the candles last longer.

Our selection of Cosy Aromas and Scents of Humour are hand-poured in the UK, meaning you’re supporting a small local business and not adding to your carbon footprint when buying your loved ones Christmas gifts. These little candles pack a big punch, creating a cosy atmosphere and filling the room with a delicious scent.

A Home Club membership 

The gift that keeps on giving! This fantastic gift helps your loved ones live sustainably without costing a fortune. Our 12 month Home Club membership gives your chosen recipient access to our favourite eco-friendly products and exclusive deals at unbeatable pricing. Plus, they’ll receive the latest sustainable living tips and tricks.

Better yet, the recipient can earn 2 planet points for each £1 they spend on a Planet Positive product. This means they can enjoy their present for months to come by putting their points towards something special – perhaps an eBike or a water-saving shower.

With our Home Club membership your recipient can:

  • Reduce their energy, water and waste
  • Reduce their carbon footprint
  • Save money

Sustainable style with Kind Bags 

Kind Bags are made for the fashionistas in the family! Living sustainably doesn’t have to mean giving up our love of fashion, it simply means you have to make wiser choices, like Kind Bag! These fantastic bags come in different patterns so you can choose the style that fits your recipient best.

They’re made from 100% recycled plastic bottles, giving billions of single-use items a new home. Designed with longevity in mind, they have wide handles for maximum comfort and can hold a whopping 20kg. Kind Bags can either be given as a gift in themselves or you could use it as a stocking, filling it with more eco-friendly goodies.

In comparison to tote bags which are super trendy at the moment, Kind Bag only needs to be used 2-3 times to make a positive environmental impact. Additionally, 10% of their profits are donated to Just One Ocean, a charity committed to preserving the ocean for future generations.

Read more about the plastic vs cotton bag debate here. 

kind bag lifestyle 3

Gift some sparkles with SodaStream

For fizzy drink lovers, big families or cocktail party hosts, SodaStream is the ideal gift. The SodaStream Spirit sparkling water maker creates sparkling water or your favourite fizzy drink at the touch of a button.

This set includes:

  • SodaStream Black Spirit sparkling water mater
  • 60L gas cylinder
  • 1L carbonated bottle

No more lugging heavy bottles home, buying countless plastic bottles or using electricity – SodaStream couldn’t be easier to use. Recipients can purchase their favourite syrups too with 50% less sugar. Each syrup bottle will make a whopping 9 litres of fizzy drink so they can completely personalise it to their taste.

Bamboo pet bowls 

For the pet lovers or your furry friends themselves, these Beco food and water bowls are made from a combination of bamboo, cornstarch and rice husks – a natural byproduct of rice farming. It has the same strength and durability as plastic but it will naturally break down without harming the planet. No more mess or hard to reach sides, these cat and dog Beco bowls are designed with waved edges to maximise enjoyment at dinner time.

Bamboo grows 30x faster, produces more oxygen and absorbs more carbon dioxide than most trees. It’s known as the ‘cut and come again’ plant because it’s regenerative and doesn’t need to be planted again, which is great for soil health.

Loveable dog toys 

Our furry friends love nothing more than a tug of war with their favourite toy. This lovable teddy and hemp rope tiger with double stitching are the perfect sustainable dog toys to add more fun to playtime. Both toys are made using recycled plastic, keeping single-use bottles safe from the ocean and landfill.

Additionally, the hemp rope cleans your dog’s teeth while they chew at the same time as playing – another win!

beco pets toy

Get creative and BEE Zero Waste

This is a wonderful gift for someone who loves arts and crafts. Perhaps it will inspire your children to get involved in eco-friendly activities or encourage your friends to replace single-use clingfilm in their homes. This BEE Zero Waste DIY kit makes sustainability fun, including everything you need to make your own beeswax wraps.

The kit includes:

  • 2x pieces of OEKO-TEX cotton fabrics (selected at random for a special surprise)
  • 2x blocks of beeswax, pine resin and coconut oil mix
  • A set of fool-proof instructions

BEE Zero Waste is handmade in the UK, using beeswax from local UK beekeepers – reducing your carbon footprint and spreading some planet-friendly joy this Christmas and beyond.

Huski home products

For the people that can’t function without coffee, Huski sustainable travel cups are perfect! Available in duck egg, rose, violet or lagoon, your loved one will be able to enjoy their coffee on their commute to work without the guilt.

We use 7 million disposable coffee cups every day but Huski uses rice husk, a material that would otherwise go to landfill. This non-toxic biodegradable travel cup has insulated twinned walls for hot and cold drinks. Plus, the hinged splashproof and leakproof lid means your liquids won’t splash around when you’re walking or driving – which many travel cups do! (Trust me, I love coffee and I’ve tried a lot of travel cups).

Huski also makes rice husk lunchboxes in rose or pistachio. I find making a packed lunch so much more enjoyable when it’s packaged in a pretty container. This lunchbox is durable, biodegradable, non-toxic and comes with two compartments – perfect for hot or cold food on a picnic, at work, school or storing leftovers.

Huski products are handmade in the UK, contributing to lowering your carbon footprint this Christmas.



Available in a pack or as single gifts, seedboms are fantastic for people that want to get into gardening or want a quick and easy way to plant some wildflowers. Simply shake it, soak it, throw it and grow it! Seedboms are made from organic peat-free compost and plant seeds, packaged inside a 100% compostable shell. They’ll completely biodegrade into the garden within five weeks, leaving beautiful flowers in their wake.

We have a huge selection of flowers and herbs that butterflies and bees will flock to. We even have an urban bloomer so your city friends can get involved with Guerrilla Gardening too.

Curious to know more about the benefits of wildflowers? Read here.

Seedbom fb block


This bamboo razor with disposable heads is a great plastic-free Christmas gift for the men in your life. The bamboo and metal handle is built to last for decades and the single blade razors are much more effective at providing a clean, close shave than your average plastic alternative in the supermarket.

Although the replacement blades do contain plastic, they are recyclable and the packaging is all  recyclable too (but we recommend checking with your local recycling centre). Pair it with some eco-friendly skincare and it’s the perfect grooming kit.

Reusable makeup pads

For the women in your life, these reusable makeup pads from Bambaw are a lifesaver. No more cotton pads, this pack comes with 12 soft velvety pads for sensitive skin and 4 scrub terry cloths for tough makeup or exfoliating. The pack comes with a cotton pouch for washing and reusing again and again. It’s far better for the environment and will save your loved one’s money each month.

I use them every day either for cleansing my face or removing my makeup – they feel much softer on my skin than makeup remover wipes. They’re super handy too because I can travel with them everywhere.

bambaw pads

Smart + Plug

This Ledvance Smart+ Plug is perfect for your forgetful family members, friends who are always in a rush or people that love the latest tech. It turns your conventional lamps and other standard equipment into a smart home system. Simply plug it into the wall socket and you can control your lighting from anywhere using your mobile or push-button manual control.

Pair it up with Amazon or Google and you can control it with voice, making it even easier, If you buy it for your housemate or partner, it’s practically a gift for you too! Imagine sitting on the sofa this Boxing Day watching Harry Potter – no need to disturb your food baby and get up to dim the lights, your Smart+ Plug can do it for you!

Starter Kits 

We want to make sustainable living easy for everyone and our starter kits are a great way to kickstart your journey. We’ve handpicked our favourite products to reduce your environmental impact without sacrificing.

If you’ve got the Mrs Hinch wanna-be for Secret Santa, the Eco-Cleaning Whizz Box is ideal. This pack includes four EcoDrop refills, concentrated cleaning solutions that completely dissolve in water. Did you know that regular cleaning products contain 90% water? What’s the point of shipping water all over the country when you can use your own tap? They’re fantastic capsules that will help to reduce carbon emissions and plastic at home.

Or, do you struggle to find a present for someone that has it all? Try this Just Us Two Starter Box! As the name suggests, it’s packed with all of the eco-essentials for couples (or someone living on their own).

It includes:

  • 100% recycled toilet paper
  • Bamboo kitchen rolls
  • Compostable waste sacks (10)
  • Biodegradable bamboo toothbrush (red)
  • Biodegradable silk dental floss
  • Compostable cotton buds (200 buds)
  • Oceansaver anti-bac starter kit
  • Compostable sponges (4)
  • Reusable makeup remover pads

Or, our Ultimate Family Box has everything they’ll need for people who want to live more sustainably but don’t think they have the time. No need to worry about Googling the best eco-swaps because we’ve gone one step further by trying them out ourselves!

This box includes:

  • 100% recycled toilet paper
  • Bamboo kitchen rolls
  • Compostable waste sacks (10)
  • Biodegradable bamboo toothbrush family pack (4 brushes)
  • Biodegradable silk dental floss
  • Compostable cotton buds (200 buds)
  • OceanSaver anti-bac starter kit
  • Compostable sponges (4)
  • Reusable flow bag

That’s not all! We have even more starter kits available so make sure you check them all out to find the perfect eco-friendly Christmas gifts for your loved ones.

Don’t forget to put us on your Christmas list too!

You might have seen something on our eco-friendly Christmas gift guide that has caught your eye. Join our Home Club and it’ll be like Christmas all year round, except you’ll be saving money rather than spending it. With unbeatable pricing and exclusive offers – sustainability doesn’t have to cost more.

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