SaveMoneyCutCarbon delivers up to 45% savings on hotel heating and ventilation running costs


Good way to start the week – we’re sharing results today of extensive hotel trials proving that our GEM solution delivers savings of up to 45% on hotel guest room heating and ventilation costs.

SaveMoneyCutCarbon has run 24/7 trials over recent months at a high-profile London hotel and a regional hotel in Cardiff to monitor and measure the energy savings delivered by GEM.

The data shows that in a 24-hour occupancy hotels can expect 35-45% HVAC energy savings.HVAC is the biggest energy drain in any commercial building but especially in the 24/7 operations of the hotel environment. We wanted to find the best management solution and one that had no adverse impact on guest satisfaction.

We also needed to be sure that it delivered great savings because it is crucial for us to offer solutions that offer quick return on investment – and GEM has certainly proven itself. It is a great addition to our money saving, carbon cutting range of sustainability solutions.

GEM is a market leading energy management system that senses when a space, in the example shared here – a guest room, is occupied and controls the ambient temperature when guests are not present. It differs from simpler motion-sensor products by using a combination of infrared body-heat sensors and an intelligent algorithm to detect if a room is occupied, which means that it is more sentient.

The GEM system uses intelligent wireless technology, invisible to the guest, to optimise the room and works to take advantage of the fact that, after check in, the guest is out of the room for up to 50% of the booked time.

When guests are out of their room for longer than a specified amount of time, the GEM system kicks into action and resets the room temperature to a selected energy-saving level. The wireless system provides trouble-free operation with simplified installation and programming. Equally important, the guest room does not have to be taken out of operation as the system can be installed in under 60 minutes per room.

The GEM system, from Lodging Technology in the United States, was chosen by SaveMoneyCutCarbon after lengthy research into energy saving HVAC solutions. William Fizer, president of Lodging Technology is very happy to be working with us in Europe, not least because he knows that the GEM system is a proven money-saver in a wide range of settings, from hospitality to education and offices.

The SaveMoneyCutCarbon team spent some time in the US interviewing some of hotels that make up the 250,000 hotel rooms which are saving money and cutting carbon footprint with GEM technology. It then worked closely with Bill and his company on system adjustments for the European market.

The GEM system is installed in thousands of hotel rooms throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean, saving money every day for the owners and cutting carbon footprint. The results there match our trials.

We’ll be sharing much more information about the successes of the GEM system but why not give us a call on 0845 123 5464 to talk about how you can get a rapid return on investment, save money and cut carbon, or you can email us to start the energy-saving conversation.



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