SaveMoneyCutCarbon cuts energy consumption by up to 45% at Radisson Blu Hotels – H&V News case study

Image of H&V News case study on how Radisson Blu Hotels works with SaveMoneyCutCarbon to cut energy consumption by up to 45%

UK leading heating and ventilation magazine H&V News has published a two-page case study feature today showing how SaveMoneyCutCarbon has worked with Radisson Blu Hotels to cut energy consumption by up to 45%.

Mark Sait, managing director of SaveMoneyCutCarbon says: “The case study shows how we focus on reducing energy consumption, which is urgent and essential now as energy prices continue to rise.

“HVAC is the biggest energy drain in any commercial building but especially in the 24/7 operations of the hotel environment. We wanted to find the best management solution and one that had no adverse impact on guest satisfaction.

“We also needed to be sure that it delivered great savings because it is crucial for us to offer solutions that offer quick return on investment – and GEM has certainly proven itself. It is a great addition to our money saving, carbon cutting range of sustainability solutions.”

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