Save water and energy with a hansgrohe EcoSmart Shower Head

Making simple changes such as replacing your bathroom appliances with an eco-friendly hansgrohe shower head, also known as a hand shower, will save you money, water, energy and carbon dioxide – quadruple wins.

hansgrohe’s sustainable philosophy and smart features made this transition easy for me. After just one shower I found a noticeable difference and the water and energy savings quickly add up.

Lack of water will affect almost a quarter of the entire population by 2025. It has already had a disastrous impact on our ecosystems including billions of people, plants and animals. Likewise, using energy more wisely reduces the amount of fuel needed and consequently less greenhouse gases are emitted into the atmosphere.

It’s an easy DIY swap

All hansgrohe hand showers are compatible with any shower hose so you can start saving water quickly and easily with your existing shower – no stress! It only takes a matter of moments, simply unscrew your old shower head from the hose and screw the hansgrohe one on. It’s also super lightweight, making it easy to install and use while you’re in the shower.

There’s no compromise on water pressure

There is a common misconception that water-saving showers aren’t as enjoyable because they don’t have a constant flow rate or water pressure, but it’s just that – a misconception. hansgrohe have developed an innovative technology that can do both, helping you to save water while maintaining a full and bubbling shower experience.

This innovative technology is called EcoSmart whereby the shower head has a flow rate limiter and an aerator inside. The flow rate limiter does exactly what it says on the tin, it limits the flow of water, whilst the aerator boosts the flow with added air – so the water pressure remains the same as a conventional shower head.

It gets better! hansgrohe have gone further and developed AirPower too. This added bonus sucks in even more air to produce larger water droplets. hansgrohe understands that water is a precious resource and AirPower is a direct result of their thorough research to maximise our use of it.

Albeit simple, it’s simply brilliant. When you use your hansgrohe shower, air is sucked in through the spray disc and stirs up the water. Enhanced with air, the water droplets fall lighter and softer on your skin. This helps you save money and water whist performing one of your daily activities.


Save on your water and energy bills 

hansgrohe EcoSmart showers are designed to help you save water and energy by up to 60%. Consuming less water than conventional showers also means that you require less energy to heat the water – happy news for your wallet and the planet.

With AirPower, it combines three litres of air for every one litre of water, helping to reduce your water usage and start saving instantly! I recently installed the hansgrohe Select E120 Raindance which runs at nine litres per minute compared to a traditional 16 litres per minute – without compromising on the enjoyment factor.

I wanted to see for myself just how much water I was saving so I used one of our simple flow bags to measure the flow rate of my shower head before and after installing the hansgrohe. I placed the bag under my running shower head for 5 seconds and read off the chart. I discovered that my hansgrohe hand shower could save me £53 a year on my water bills. Using 60% less water also means I’ll save that 60% of energy that would have been used to heat it.

Flow bags are completely reusable so there’s no need to throw it out after use. Try measuring the flow around your house, give it to a neighbour or perhaps use it for gardening.

You can also use our online water saving calculator to measure your potential saving. I discovered that in a house of four people who use the shower on average for 30 minutes per day, we could save £120.99 per year, 32,850 litres of water, 0.291 tonnes of Co2 in only 6.20 months payback. This is amazing news for both my wallet and the planet!


Find out how much money, tonnes of Co2 and litres of water you’ll save and how many months payback it will take.

The hand showers are super easy to clean

Showers can get pretty grubby but with hansgrohe QuickClean technology, cleaning is super easy. Using high-quality tear-resistant silicone nozzles rather than plastic nozzles, you can simply rub the limescale away with your fingers or a cloth.

In comparison, traditional plastic nozzles are difficult to clean because it involves taking the shower apart and soaking it in a cleaning fluid for hours at a time. hansgrohe hand showers ensure you get the same shower experience years later as the first day you got it.

Enjoy 3 spray settings 

At the touch of a button, you can switch between different spray modes, giving you complete control of those precious minutes of peace in the shower. Each setting is designed for a unique purpose.

The rain setting is great for washing your hair and rinsing every inch of shampoo out. PowderRain has air-enriched water droplets for a more gentle and peaceful shower. The whirl is powerful and concentrated for a massaging sensation on your skin – great for relieving tension or enjoying a spa-like treatment at home.

A 5-year warranty 

Creating high-quality products is partly about making products that last. That’s why hansgrohe offer a five-year manufacturers guarantee on all of their products, providing excellent customer service throughout the lifetime of your shower.


Hansgrohe keep spare parts for 15 years 

Part of hansgrohe sustainability values is that each shower is designed for longevity. Therefore, they make it easy for you to fix your shower by finding spare parts rather than replacing it, preventing waste. Their online spare parts shop can help you search for spare parts, including discontinued parts up to 15 years.

30 day risk free trial

We are so confident that you’ll love your new shower head, that we are offering a 30-day risk free trial!


Start saving with a hansgrohe EcoSmart hand shower 

Saving water and energy is even easier when you’re part of our Home Club. Enjoy fantastic cost savings so that you can get a kick start into your eco-friendly lifestyle. Better yet, earn planet points as you go so that you can save up for something truly special – perhaps an electric bike or electric scooter.

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