Save money on your energy bills with Radbot – Intelligent heating controls without the Apps or WiFi.

Working from home, the cost-of-living crisis, high energy prices, and the impending cost of the festive season can make the thought of turning the thermostat up to the recommended 18-21 degrees (even in the current icy conditions) much more daunting….

Whilst we can’t help with the price you’re paying for your energy or fuel, we can as always help you to reduce what you use and get some small but valuable wins over the cost of living crisis.

This is where our new intelligent heating control Radbot comes in…

What is Radbot and how does it differ from my current TRV? 

Radbot is an intelligent heating control that replaces your current TRVs (Thermostat Radiator Valves). Why would we want to replace our TRVs I hear you ask…well TRVs allow you to control each of your radiators individually. Dependent on which number you set your TRV at, it will mean more or less water will be able to flow into your radiator, and therefore each room will be heated to a different temperature. To be savings-savvy with your heating using regular TRVs, you would need to turn each one up or down dependent on how you are using each room, which let’s face it none of us has the time and probably the inclination to do.

Cue Radbot…the intelligent TRV that requires no Apps or WiFi. Once you’ve installed Radbot and set it at your top desired temperature it will start to learn how you use the room (not in a “big brother is watching you” type of way!) The 3 sensors inside learn when your rooms are empty and when they are being used, through differences in light patterns, temperature, and humidity.

Radbot will have its first set of data in 24 to 48 hours, then take 7 to 10 days to build up an understanding of your patterns – after that when Radbot knows you’re either not using the room or you’re asleep it will heat the room to the lower end of the temperature scale even if your boiler does fire up – e.g. if you have Radbot set at 1, instead of heating the room to 15 degrees it would be heated to 12 degrees and that’s how you save money.

In case you were wondering the numbers on your TRV means the following temperature 1 = 8-12°C, 2 = 13-17°C, 3 = 18-21°C, 4 = 21-23°C. 

Savings savvy tip…if you’ve got rooms in your house that you never use ,when you install Radbot set it at 1 or 2, the rooms you use most set at 3. 

Is Radbot easy to install? 

The simple answer is yes, Radbot is very easy to install…

If your radiators have TRVs then you can install Radbot. Simply remove your old TRV, fit the correct adaptor (you’ll find this in the box), install the batteries and the secure Radbot to the radiator. That’s it!


How much will Radbot save on my energy bills? 

Based on Radbot’s field trials, average household savings on annual heating costs through using Radbot are 10-15%, with some homes saving as much as 25-30%. This means that a typical return on investment is 1-2 years.

 Can I use a Radbot in every room? 

Radbot is great for most rooms, however, to get the most savings there are a couple of rules to follow.

If you are using Radbot in the room where your thermostat is, then you need to have your Radbot set on 4 so there are no limitations on your thermostat recognising that the room is at your set temperature. If you imagine you want your house to be at 21 degrees, but your Radbot set at 2, your boiler will have to keep firing and firing but never reach temperature, so you’ll be using more energy.

Radbot’s detect changes in humidity therefore we wouldn’t recommend putting a Radbot in your main bathroom where people are having showers and baths.

Radbot’s are sociable little gadgets, and because they work on light patterns they won’t work if they are covered by curtains or furniture.


Is Radbot suitable for all heating types? 

Unfortunately, Radbot isn’t compatible with ground or air source heat pumps. However, gas, combi, or oil boilers are all good.

What else can I do to reduce my heating bills? 

Getting your heating under control and working as efficiently as possible is one tick in the box. Keeping the heat in and the draughts out is the next step to give your boiler a break and start saving more money on your energy bills.

Did you know 40% of your homes heat is lost through draughty windows and doors, 10% through your letterbox and 45% of the heat from your radiators is reflected from the back of your radiator and into the wall…if you’re thinking keeping the heat in is something you should be getting a hold of visit our home insulation shop to find easy to fit solutions starting from under £10!


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