Save Energy in Your Home

We live on a finite planet and sometimes our impact on it is far greater than we realise.

A report produced by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) states that, globally, people are using about 25% more natural resources than the planet can replace and that in the UK, we are consuming three times our fair share of the planet’s natural resources.

The report also states that we face an ‘ecological overshoot’ that will have severe consequences for both people and nature unless we (humans) change the way that we live.

Although advances in technology have helped people to produce things more efficiently, the benefits have been swamped by ever-higher levels of consumption by affluent Western economies and the growing middle classes in the developing world.

The seemingly isolated actions that we take every day – from purchasing our morning coffee to our choice of business practices – are often linked in a chain of unusual connections that we would probably never have imagined.

A video produced by the WWF explains why it takes approximately 200 litres of water just to make one latte.  It highlights that, along with the water that we all see, there are also a series of underpinning processes which all use water in their production and therefore contribute towards the 200 litres of water e.g. lid; cup and sleeve; sugar; milk and coffee production.

With an established track record in supporting the development of sustainable lifestyles, WWF is well placed to provide leadership in helping to reduce the UK’s footprint and supporting other countries to do the same.  WWF is trying to change the way that we all think and advocates that we can all do more by using less of our natural resources right now. Our homes are responsible for almost a third of the UK’s carbon emissions and nearly a quarter of the natural resources that the UK consumes e.g. water and timber.  It is possible however to reduce their impact through the everyday choices that we take.

By reducing the amount of energy that we use in our homes, not only will we cut our energy bills, but we will also be playing our part in reducing our impact on climate change.

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