How to save electricity in restaurants

How to save electricity in restaurants is a question we love to answer.

Our electricity-saving solutions have been fully tested in many bars and restaurant chains – and the results show how you can save money, reduce your energy needs and cut water consumption.

Simply by swapping out your lighting with matching LED downlighters, spotlights, tubes, bulbs and floodlights, you should reduce your energy consumption and costs by more than 85%.

What’s more, the very long lifespan of LED lights means that you will save around 80% on the costs of maintenance and because LEDs emit almost no heat, this helps with your air conditioning costs.

Here’s an example of electricity savings in a typical restaurant:

How to save electricity in restaurants - LED savings example

And by improving the lighting levels and safety aspect of all areas of your site by retrofitting LED tubes and bulbs, the effectiveness of your CCTV systems is improved.

LED lighting is an easy way to reduce your carbon footprint and our innovative green financing options make it even easier for bars and restaurants to invest in carbon-cutting technologies that pay for themselves from day one, with the savings you make.

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