The new Samsung L-Tube, a world’s first in LED tube lighting

The Samsung L-Tube series is the world’s first fully compatible replacement LED tube solution.

Now, businesses, organisations and homes have a hassle-free fluorescent tube alternative that saves money on both energy costs and maintenance while reducing carbon footprint.

The L-Tube is fully compatible with ECG (electronic control gear) and CCG (conventional magnetic control gear) fittings so provides instant and simple product replacement.

The technology in this LED tube allows you to instantly upgrade your fluorescent tubes to high efficiency LED lighting with:

  • No additional installation costs
  • No rewiring
  • No modification to the fitting needed
  • Rapid ROI

The L-Tube is available in 2ft, 4ft and 5ft so is the perfect replacement for a number of different sized fittings.

The LED tube is flicker-free and has a very long life span. In fact, during its life,  you would need to replace up to five traditional fluorescent tubes.

Samsung L-Tube available at

The L-Tube lasts five times as long as a traditional fluorescent tube (up to 50,000 hours) and will provide average energy savings of up to 45%, allowing to you see a great return on investment.

Energy savings also mean that carbon emissions are also reduced substantially and sustainably year after year.

The 50,000 hour lifetime of the product and product build quality also ensures minimum discolouration or degradation of light.

Below, our savings calculator shows the potential savings you could make in just one average year usage with one Samsung L-Tube.

Figures are based on the assumption that the 5ft (1500mm) L-Tube will be on for just under 4,500 hours year.

Assuming a 50,000 hour lifespan, you could see savings of £16.45 per year for up to 10 years per tube, compared to a traditional fluorescent tube.

Samsung L-Tube LED Saving Calculator

As well as the financial savings the L-Tube provides, it is also extremely safe and eco-friendly as they contain no mercury are RoHS compliant and generate low CO2 emissions.

LED tube lighting provides a pure light which is flicker and glare-free with no harmful ultraviolet (UV) electromagnetic radiation. From a health perspective, especially when working for long periods of time in an office environment, this uniform, high quality LED tube will put less strain on your eyes.

In regards to application, old style fluorescent tubes can be seen in a number of locations such as offices, classrooms, warehouses and car parks. The Samsung L-Tube will retrofit perfectly into any of these situations so is very versatile in its application.

Top 10 reasons to upgrade to the Samsung L-Tube

  • World's first direct ECG/CCG compatible LED tube
  • Direct replacement, no need to rewire the fitting
  • Energy savings of up to 45%
  • Long 50,000 hour lifetime
  • Produces flicker free, natural lighting
  • Available in 3 lengths and 3 colour temperatures
  • Generate very low COs emissions
  • RoHS compliant, contain no mercury
  • Suitable for a number of different applications
  • Greatly reduced maintenance costs

Unlike some LED tubes, the L-Tube is available in a selection of different colour temperatures (Kelvin) including 3000k (warm white), 4000k (white) and 5000k (cool white). These variations allow you too choose the perfect tube to suit the atmosphere of the location its fitted.

The L-Tube is a robustly designed tube which contains no glass or filament which reduces the risk of breakages and accidents, especially during the installation process. Proprietary head protection technology from Samsung also products lower thermal emissions, which helps dramatically reduce their surface temperature.

At, we are proud to stock the entire range of Samsung L-Tube products, to view more specific product details or to purchase, please use the links below:

600mm Samsung L-Tube 
1200mm Samsung L-Tube
1500mm Samsung L-Tube

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