Romantic Lighting: Top Tips for Creating the Perfect Mood

When love is in the air, there’s no better way to enhance the perfect mood than with romantic lighting. Here are our top tips to create the ideal conditions.

Our moods are deeply affected by changes in lighting and there’s no better way to create the loving and intimate environment than by lowering, softening and making the lighting more comfortable. This helps us let go of stress and relax, lean back and enjoy the fun of being close and personal.


Turning the lights down low is the ideal way to set the mood for romance. Fitting simple dimmer switches is the easiest way to adjust the lighting to suit your needs, making sure the LED bulbs you have are dimmable.

You can also choose smart LED bulbs like the Philips SceneSwitch that gives three lighting settings through the standard light switch or smart controls that you can control through your mobile phone or tablet.

Colour for mood

Colour temperature is vital to help you set the right mood. Warm light is the way to go, with lamps that give off a red or orange hue, as well as bulbs with red and soft pink light. Keep in mind the feeling you have at sunset with that relaxing warmth and at all costs avoid harsh blue or white light.

It is thought that orange can have an impact on the emotions and sexual energies while green can affect love and responsibility, and blue works on physical and spiritual energies.


You can enhance the romantic mood with by controlling the subtle contrasts in the dining room, living room or bedroom. Make sure that you have no harsh transitions from light to dark and have the focal point centred on the place where you and partner will be together.

You can create subtle highlight effects by having objects that reflect light. With dimming, these objects can be focal points when the rest of the room is darker but don’t go overboard on these areas.

Choose stylish bulbs

With classic LED Edison-style bulbs, for example, you get the impact and sophistication of retro together with a lovely warm and ambient light. Popular Victorian, Squirrel Cage, and various Tubes are impressive in clear glass fixtures or when grouped as bare bulbs.

Go soft

Set the romantic mood with a range of soft filtered lighting effects, with drapes altering and shaping the light, like on a film set and lampshades safely dressed in luxurious coloured silks with other warm LED lighting directed upwards for a little bit of quiet drama.

Wall lighting

You can set the mood with the right wall lighting that not only provides a loving and warm ambience but also subtly and effectively lights people’s faces. It works better than recessed lighting for romantic evenings. Warm LED bulbs set in wall sconces provide just the right type of light.

Right accent

Try getting the right accent with the tiny table lamps made of glass or resin that typically have a low-wattage bulb. These can add to the romantic mood and give off a loving low-level light for relaxing.   By arranging a series of small light around the room, you can create a magical space.

Candle power

Nothing beats the beauty of candles when you have a romantic dinner and you can use a range of different types both on the table and around the room.



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