Restaurants need to cut costs with rapid-return energy savings

Restaurants need to cut costs with rapid-return energy savings as energy bills continue to spiral.

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Restaurateurs across the country are feeling the financial damage from rising prices in many areas, with energy bills hitting them hard. Energy prices have risen by nearly 40 per cent in the past three years and are forecast to double over the next decade.

Luke Evans at Big Hospitality reports that 90 per cent of restaurateurs say rising energy costs have forced them to reassess menu prices and 68 per cent are adopting new measures to cut energy consumption.

Luke’s story advises that the recent inflation-busting price hikes by ‘the big six’ electricity and gas firms have hit hospitality businesses hard, according to the Bookatable Dining Index.

Interviews with 200 UK restaurants, supported by industry data, reveals that soaring energy prices have had the biggest negative impact of any factor affecting profits in the hospitality industry.

Quick ROI

The good news is that restaurant energy bills can be slashed very quickly with simple measures that repay investment rapidly, then go on saving money year after year.

The SaveMoneyCutCarbon team has proved this over the past year, working with restaurants in a wide range of settings to fit LED lighting and water-saving solutions, which cut energy costs by 60 per cent or more.

Restaurateurs have made big energy-saving wins in the kitchen areas, in the dining areas, bathroom facilities, and external lighting.

What’s more, there is no negative impact on the guests and our clients report that working conditions in the kitchens, for example, have been drastically improved through much better light quality.

Another plus point is that the energy saving solutions can be fitted without the need to close the restaurant.

Savings year after year

The LED lighting solutions we provide to ensure restaurants save energy range from LED tubes in the kitchen areas to controllable and superior quality LED lighting in the dining areas, through to energy-bill cutting exterior LED lighting in areas like the car park.

Our water saving solutions ensure that restaurants cut water bills substantially by reducing flow rates from kitchen and restroom taps by up to 50%, which means lower energy costs to heat the water used.

Hospitality groups we have worked with report immediate savings, with return on investment measured in months, then continued savings that will go on reducing the energy-bill burden year after year.

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