Research shows a different approach is needed to save water

We all know that water is valuable and that we shouldn’t waste it. But somehow this knowledge does not translate into action and we are all still using much more water than we need. As the recent water survey by bathroom manufacturers Ideal Standard shows, we think we are doing better than we are but us Brits are actually using five times more water than we think. The key findings of the research are quite shocking:

  • People estimate that they use 29 litres of water per day – in reality the average use is 150 litres per person per day
  • Those showering let the water run for an average of 1 minute 18 seconds before getting in –24 seconds longer than in 2011
  • The average time spent in the shower is 8 minutes – this uses over 60 litres of hot water

So, good intentions are there but behaviour patterns are hard to change. This dilemma is at the core of what we do here at SaveMoneyCutCarbon and all our products are selected to reduce consumption without impacting user behaviour. User behaviour tends to be even worse when out of the home and someone else is paying the bill. No more so than in hotels where energy and water consumption is typically 50% more than in other organisations.

Changing your shower head to one of our hansgrohe EcoSmart shower heads is a simple and effective way to save water and energy whist still giving you a great showering experience. This range includes handheld, fixed and rain head and utilises sophisticated flow limitation and special spray jets. Mixing the inflowing water with air can reduce water consumption by up to 50%. This results in about 3 litres of air being used for every litre of water and obviously means much less energy is used to heat the water. Similarly, fitting tap aerators to your existing taps means you can wash and rinse as normal but use up to 60% less water. These low cost devices are easy to retrofit and restrict the flow of water from taps without reducing water pressure or affecting the wash and rinse effect. Alternatively you can upgrade your home or business with eco taps for the ultimate in water saving.

The technology is now available to cut water consumption without changing behaviour or impacting the experience and it’s good to see these products becoming more and more mainstream. From our work with hotel groups across the UK, for example, we know that preaching to guests about conserving water and energy has minimal effect – a typical hotel guest seems to enjoy the luxury of the extra-long shower, heating on maximum, full lighting etc. so hotels have been forced to adopt a different, less obtrusive approach. Energy and water prices are increasing all the time and anyone who pays these bills would do well to follow suit.



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