Ready to spark a change in your home? Here comes SodaStream!

Whether this is your first taste of the bubbles, or you got “busy with the fizzy” back in the 80s – SodaStream has been a household name for a long time! In fact, they have been around since 1903 when they introduced their first home carbonating system – even further ahead of the curve than us!

Sustainability may not come first to mind when you think about SodaStream, but this is why we love it. Sustainability couldn’t be easier when you don’t actually have to think about it.

So, for those of you that don’t know – what is a SodaStream machine?

SodaStream is the easy way to make sparkling water and flavoured fizzy drinks at home, using water from your kitchen tap.

The carbonation machine converts your tap water into sparkling water within minutes by mixing in carbon dioxide under pressure.

All you have to do is install the carbonating cylinder into the machine, fill up the bottle included with chilled water and use the button on the top of the machine to start the fizz.

What’s the story with sustainability? 

If you are a fizzy water, drinks or even a gin fan, unless you always buy single cans (aluminium is endlessly recyclable) which, let’s be honest, cost-wise is a completely ludicrous idea, it’s quite possible you will be throwing away endless plastic bottles.

Now you may put your bottles into your recycling bin, but did you know that only about 9% of the plastic ever produced has been recycled? 12% has been incinerated, and 79% has ended up discarded or in landfills and nearly all of it still exists in some form today.

Switching from your supermarket favourites and investing in a SodaStream would mean joining the fight to stop 67 billion single-use plastic bottles being thrown away by 2025!

This is one of the reasons Martyn, our Head of all things Digital, made the change. Martyn says:

Using my SodaStream saves me buying three 2-litre bottles of sparkling water every week. That’s 156 2-litre plastic bottles of sparkling water less per year I am buying.

In my house we have a 10 year old whose first love is sugar, well maybe second after her phone. Whilst we try and keep fizzy drinks to a minimum, the odd glass of lemonade doesn’t hurt. Obviously, we would have brought 2-litre multipack bottles without even thinking about it but by switching to SodaStream syrups we get 9 litres of lemonade, using the 440ml bottle supplied – that is the equivalent of 18 500ml plastic bottles being saved from our recycling bin!

It’s not just the machines that tell an eco story

When you buy a Coke with your meal deal at lunch, that single-use plastic bottle takes roughly 450 years to decompose. By switching to a reusable bottle like SodaStream’s My Only Bottle, you can take your fizzy drink with you so you don’t have to buy one when you’re out and about – this can save on average 1,282 single-use plastic bottles going into your recycling bin!

What’s more, and this really sold it for us, if your fizzy gets a little flat for your liking, you can re-fizz it with your SodaStream machine! Because no-one’s a fan of an ice-cold flat cola!

Plus, the carbonating cylinders can be sent back to be sterilised, inspected and filled with new dietary-grade CO2 to be reused.

But aren’t fizzy drinks bad for you?

Obviously, we all know sugary drinks are not great for your health, a can of Coke, for example, can have up to 35g of sugar, which is 5g over the NHS guidelines of what you should have per day.

Equally, a lot of your supermarket “sugar free” or “diet” brands contain a sugar replacement called aspartame, which you will find a lot of differing opinions on, a little bit like green washing.

Let’s be honest, if fizzy drinks are your thing then cutting them out all together is just not realistic. It’s the honest truth when we say SodaStream syrups are a much better alternative – none of them contain aspartame, they all contain 50% less sugar than your favourite supermarket brands and the Water Zeros don’t have fructose. What’s more, you can use as much or as little syrup as you like.

It seems expensive – will it save me money in the long run?

This is where we hand over to our very own Social Media and blogging Queen Donna…

“Cost is always the big question people have when thinking about buying a SodaStream. How much do they cost and is it worth it? First and foremost, you don’t need to go to their official website to buy one! You can buy your SodaStream from SaveMoneyCutCarbon and if you are a member of the Home Club, you get unbeatable pricing, guaranteed. Their Club Price Promise means that if a Club member finds it cheaper, they will refund the difference. It’s as if you’re buying direct from the manufacturer.

The basic price is £99.00, plus £24.95 for the gas cannister and if you add one syrup in, that is bringing your total basic start-up cost to £130.00. I set about working out how much we spend on fizzy drinks, so that includes all the soft drinks we buy per month and not to mention the tonic water for the husband’s gin. I was a little horrified to realise this was costing us approx £72.00 per month. So we would start seeing savings by month two if this little machine lived up to the hype!!”

So, there you have it…from parties, cosy nights in and cinema nights through to BBQs, SodaStream is the easy way to be a little bit more sustainable and save money, which we think quite frankly makes everything a little bit more fun.

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