Putting the Spring into Spring Clean – how did the SaveMoneyCutCarbon bloggers get on?

It seems we somehow skipped Spring but that didn’t stop the SaveMoneyCutCarbon bloggers rolling up their sleeves and giving their homes a good spring clean with our eco-friendly cleaning products.

Easy sustainable swaps that look good 

Becky’s kitchen looks so much more stylish with our eco kitchen swaps than it being filled with plastic.

“These sustainable kitchen swaps are easy to use, and also look good in your kitchen. From washing up to wiping up, from keeping food fresh to composting food scraps, there’s a plastic-free solution just waiting to be discovered!”

“I store my sustainable washing up tools on a wooden tray on my windowsill above the sink. I find washing up brushes need air to circulate so are best left to dry in an old repurposed glass jar. Our washing up liquid is in an old bottle that I’ve had for years and refill, and our plastic-free dishwasher tablets are also in an old glass bottle.”

Blogger June 2021

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Switching kitchen essentials for a green living range

Emma particularly loved the bottle brush from EcoCoconut.

“We made the switch to water bottles a while back in a bid to stop buying drinks when we are out and about. However, cleaning the bottles was a concern, but not any more thanks to the bottle brushes from EcoCoconut. This is perfect for cleaning baby bottles, wine glasses, and reusable drinking bottles. Its simplistic design delivers ultimate precision when cleaning, as it’s soft enough not to scratch, robust enough to get rid of the toughest dirt.”

Blogger 2 June

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More hygienic and better for the environment 

Louise from Pink Pear Bear swapped a popular scrubber for a more hygienic and better for the environment alternative.

“First up, scrubby sponges, these were tested and found to have more germs than a toilet bowl (eew!) which has prompted people to change them more regularly, seriously increasing the environmental impact. Swap them for these compostable cloths and either a bamboo or stainless steel scrubber for those stubborn pots and pans.”

Blogger 3 June

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Save £67 a year just on kitchen rolls!

Ricky and Naomi loved the bamboo towels, they will never go back to disposable kitchen towels now they have found these.

“I love our new bamboo towels. We usually always have disposable kitchen towels in the cupboard and are great to tidy up a quick spill. However, they are useless when wet and (even if I wanted to be ultra-thrifty) cannot be dried and reused.”

“These ecoegg bamboo towels can change everything and be used again and again, saving you £67 a year. Each roll has 20 sheets. Now that might not sound like much, but you can use each one 85 times. The sheets are super-soft, much bigger than disposable towels. Wash them at 40°C in your normal white load of washing then away you go.”

Blogger 4 June

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Abandon the bleaches for a more natural alternative

Olly from Savvy Dad has abandoned the bleaches for more natural alternatives from SaveMoneyCutCarbon.

“We’ve been trying the Ocean Mist option for the past few weeks and can confirm it’s a really good all-rounder in the kitchen with a pleasant and non-overwhelming smell. I never thought I’d hear myself say it, but I’m looking forward to it running out to try some of the other EcoDrop options!

I’ve been using this alongside my Koh sustainable household cleaner and the Ocean Saver is a great competitor, giving Koh a run for its money. The variety of natural scents available in the Ocean Saver range are much more pleasing than my existing Koh cleaner’s bouquet. It’s less expensive too!”

Blogger 5 June

Read the blog here.

Cleaning those hard-to-reach areas

Emma Reed loved the simplicity of the bottle cleaning brush.

“Did you know that your reusable water bottles need to be properly cleaned on a regular basis? I wasn’t aware until recently but bacteria can grow inside them due to the dark and moist conditions so a regular scrub with soapy water will help to protect yours and your family’s health. This bottle cleaning brush from SaveMoneyCutCarbon is ideal for this job. I’ve been trying it out for the last few weeks and it is simple to use, the bristles work wonders all around the sides and I have also found it perfect for reaching the bottom of our wine glasses and long narrow glasses that are usually tricky to clean and our milk bottles. Made from a coconut husk it is scratch-free, toxic-free, biodegradable and naturally antibacterial.”

Blogger 6 June

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Cutting back on plastic 

Claire from My Money Cottage loved the EcoDrops, not only do they save on plastic they take up less space in your kitchen cupboards.

“These cleaning products are designed to be tough on dirt and kind to the environment. Each box contains one ‘drop’ of cleaning product in a dissolvable packet. All you have to do is put the drop into a reusable bottle, add water and allow the drop to dissolve before using.

Not only is this far more environmentally friendly than traditional cleaning products, but the small refill drops take up far less space in your kitchen cupboards too!

If, like me, you like your home to smell fresh and clean, then SaveMoneyCutCarbon offer a great range of different fragrances for their cleaning products too. I particularly like the Apple Breeze!

Blogger 7 June

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Spring clean on a budget

Jordon Cox is more focussed on saving money and he was surprised with the amount of eco products also save you money and are better for the planet.

“Kitchen rolls can be quite expensive, so this is quite a clever alternative. The bamboo towels here are reusable after a trip to the washing machine. The towels cost £7.05 for a roll of 20, but all of them are washable and reusable. If you think that a double pack of kitchen roll costs around £3.50 each – you’ll be breaking even pretty quickly.”

“Since testing these products, I have found multiple different items that do save you money, despite the stigma of going green costing you more.”

Blogger 8 June

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Home Club benefits you and the planet too

Tammy signed up for our Home Club so she can enjoy eco products with unbeatable prices.

“When it comes to SaveMoneyCutCarbon’s Home Club the benefits extend beyond just you. Home Club helps you to do better for the planet, by choosing to have regular deliveries of eco-friendly products you use regularly this will cut down your carbon footprint. That is for several reasons, the products themselves have used less carbon in production, are made from less carbon or no carbon and you’re getting one delivery instead of potentially more.”

Blogger 9 JUne

Read the blog here. 

So you’ve heard what our bloggers have to say, what will your first spring clean swap be?

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