Our top 5 plastic free swaps for World Ocean Day

Happy World Ocean Day! Today is all about supporting collaborative conservation by working with a global network of youth and leaders in 140 countries. It encourages us to celebrate and take action to preserve our ocean. This year’s Conservation Action Focus is to protect at least 30% of our blue planet by 2030.

Although it may be the official day of celebrating, we believe in celebrating the ocean every day of the year. That’s why we’ve handpicked five of our favourite eco-friendly products to help you protect the ocean daily.

Protect marine life with the Non Plastic Beach Natural Silk Dental Floss 

The bathroom is one of the least eco-friendly rooms at home – picture shampoo bottles, hair gel and skincare creams. Although floss is small, that’s actually the worst part about it because it’s easy to get lost, transported to the ocean and wrapped around living creatures. As it’s traditionally made from nylon or teflon and packaged in a plastic case, it’s most definitely not healthy for the environment.

In comparison, the Non Plastic Beach Natural Silk Dental Floss is made from biodegradable silk that will naturally break down, and it’s packaged in a glass bottle that can be eternally refilled. Unlike bamboo alternatives, it’s as strong and effective as plastic floss so it’s a brilliant planet-friendly alternative.


Each reel of floss is 30m long and coated in a mint-scented candella wax that is plant-based. Although it’s biodegradable and not harmful, it should be disposed of carefully because if it were to be flushed down the toilet, it would still cause harm to marine life.

Additionally, the packaging is fully recyclable. The cardboard can be recycled, the glass bottle can be reused and the reel that the floss comes on is made from compostable cornstarch. Simply buy the floss refills and add them to your reusable glass bottle.

Find out more about the benefits of Non Plastic Beach dental floss

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Switch to bamboo and recyclable toothbrushes for eco-friendly hygiene 

Along with the dental floss, the Non Plastic Beach bamboo toothbrush makes the perfect duo! Toothbrushes are one of the most frequently dumped plastic products, amounting to 3.5 billion each year across the world. These British designed toothbrushes are made from biodegradable bamboo and BPA-free nylon bristles.

Bamboo toothbrushes are a brilliant and easy way to combat plastic waste. Once you’ve finished with your toothbrush (around 3 months is the recommended duration), you can mix the handle in with your green garden waste, with wood recycling or you can reuse them as plant markers. The nylon bristles can be extracted with tweezers and recycled at your local centre – but make sure you check their guidelines first.

Bamboo is one of the best eco-friendly materials as it’s regenerative, kind to soil, fast-growing and naturally antibacterial. Non Plastic Beach toothbrushes are completely vegan friendly and come packaged in recyclable cardboard. Featured in a range of colours for children and adults, they’re the perfect additions to your home.

Check out your bamboo toothbrush FAQs. 

toothbrush red 1440 x1120

Alternatively, the LiveCoco Recyclable Toothbrush Heads are easy and sustainable solutions to landfill. The majority of traditional toothbrush heads are made from a combination of non-recyclable plastic that ends up in landfill or pollutes our oceans.

Compatible with Oral-B electric toothbrushes, this handy 6-pack with long-lasting bristles infused with Binchotan Charcoal removes plaque, teeth stains and odour-causing bacteria. Better yet, they’re vegan, cruelty-free and recyclable.

LiveCoco has a free UK closed-loop recycling scheme so you can 100% guarantee that your toothbrush head will be recycled when you’re finished. Simply pop them in the provided addressed envelope and post them.

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Reduce your carbon footprint with OceanSaver cleaners

OceanSaver EcoDrops are concentrated cleaning solutions that dissolve in water, designed to completely replace traditional cleaning sprays. Rather than shipping a product that contains 90% of water, EcoDrops only send the 10% that you actually need – reducing the carbon emissions it takes to ship bottles of heavy liquid across the country.

EcoDrops are made of non-toxic, 100% biodegradable, cruelty-free and plant-based power that kills 99.9% of bacteria. All you have to do is drop it in an old plastic bottle full of water, shake it and watch it magically dissolve. OceanSaver reduces the need to repeatedly buy new plastic bottles, you just need the drops.

EcoDrops are one of my favourite eco-products because they smell divine, they’re affordable and they do the job like traditional solutions, except you don’t have to worry about having a guilty conscious over toxic chemicals and mass plastic.

Why should I choose OceanSaver EcoDrops?

OceanSaver ecodrop 1

In addition, the OceanSaver Dishwashing Bar is a plastic-free alternative to washing up liquid. It takes 5x more energy for the raw materials and almost 20x more energy for the packaging of liquid soap. This solid bar is made from plant-based, non-toxic and sustainable ingredients but it has no trouble cutting through tough dirt or grease.

OceanSaver makes it easy to remove plastic from your cleaning routine. Although you won’t see the usual bubbles in your washing up bowl, it will clean your dishes exactly the same. Plus, as it has condensed ingredients, you only need a small amount so it will last far longer than plastic bottles of liquid.

Discover more about this wonderful eco-friendly bar of dishwashing soap.

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Remove your makeup sustainably with Bambaw Reusable Makeup Remover Pads

I wear makeup most days so making it as sustainable as possible is one of the most important elements of my sustainable journey. This 16 set of Bambaw Reusable Makeup Remover Pads is an effective eco-friendly alternative to disposable makeup wipes and cotton pads.

bambaw pads

Made from a combination of bamboo and cotton, they can be popped into the washing machine and reused again and again. It includes 12 soft velvety pads and 4 scrub terry cloth pads. I use these soft and durable pads for both removing my makeup and for my skincare routine like applying cleanser and toner.

Why is this so important? Single-use cotton pads rely on a huge production of cotton which needs a tremendous amount of water, land, fertiliser and pesticides. Similarly, makeup wipes contain plastic that can take thousands of years to degrade. These eco-friendly reusable pads can help you reduce waste in your home and lessen your impact on the environment.

Learn more about removing your makeup sustainably. 

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Reduce limescale build-up with A Ecozone Reusable Magnoball 

Say goodbye to buying boxes of water softening powder and tablets! The Ecozone Magnoball uses magnetic power to crystallise calcium particles in the water that’s used in your washing machine and dishwasher. Hardware affects roughly 60% of the UK which is a leading cause of limescale. Magnoball softens the water to prevent limescale build-up from happening in the pipes and drums.

magnoball 1440-x-1120

Its soft spherical casting has two magnets inside of it. All you have to do is pop the Magnoball into the drum of your washing machine or shelf of your dishwasher and let it work its magic alongside your clothes and dishes. It can be used on every cycle below 60 degrees to help you maintain your appliance. Using a reusable solution completely reduces the need to buy a traditional unsustainable product – which means less packaging, less plastic and fewer costs.

Learn more about how Ecozone can help you make sustainable changes.

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Protect our blue planet every day with our app 

To continue reducing your water usage, the SaveMoneyCutCarbon Home app gives you everything you need at your fingertips. Simply swipe through different rooms to find personalised eco swaps, give your favourites a ‘heart’ and automatically add them to your basket.


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