Our Impact Statements block greenwash garbage

Businesses and consumers are more aware of the potential to be deceived by exaggerated or false environmental claims around products and services.

Greenwashing continues to confuse customers who want to reduce the negative effects their purchases have on the planet, while having positive effects wherever possible. It’s no surprise that over the past five years particularly there has been a rapidly expanding number of green products, services and companies.

What still surprises us is the number of businesses that feel happy to make inflated claims about the green benefits of their products, or even feel compelled to lie about them.

Consumer protection law means:

  • claims must be truthful and accurate
  • claims must be clear and unambiguous
  • claims must not omit or hide important relevant information
  • claims must consider the full life cycle of the product or service
  • claims must be substantiated.
  • comparisons must be fair and meaningful.

Our unique Impact Statements allow us to track the claims of all the products we stock to ensure that we don’t fall foul of the rules, and that our customers are provided with the “real green deals”.

Our Impact Statements also help businesses strengthen their Environmental Social and Governance (ESG) reporting.

Green consumer rights

Any business can make environmental claims under current consumer regulations about their products and services, but they will break the law if they mislead consumers. Consumer protection law is a framework in which businesses can advertise environmental claims to help consumers make informed choices.

The government advises that the consumer protection laws protect both consumers from being misled and businesses from facing unfair competition. It supports companies who behave ethically from suffering through unfair competition. There is also legislation that directly protects businesses from misleading marketing.

SaveMoneyCutCarbon is committed to ensuring that the products it offers are free from false or misleading claims. And we check continually to maintain the highest standards of compliance.

Impact Statements

The Impact Statements are generated through purchases of our products.

We record the effects of purchases on the planet via our Impact Statements technology. This generates anonymised and aggregated data that a company can use for reporting purposes, illustrating how you are helping your staff to become more sustainable via your ESG agenda.

Our unique tool measures the impact of staff purchases to produce anonymised reports on the plastic, carbon, waste and water savings made, which reinforces your Scope 3 reporting on indirect emissions.

Home Club helps your staff to take clear, simple actions to drastically reduce waste and carbon footprint as well as reducing their utility bills. As members of the Home Club they get guaranteed unbeatable pricing on a range of energy and water saving products, as well as planet-friendly sustainable products to use around the home.

Impact Statements provide data on:

  • Energy reduction
  • Water reduction
  • Carbon reduction
  • Plastic reduction
  • Financial savings (prices)
  • Financial savings (reduced energy / water usage)

The data provided through this service should ensure that a company’s staff can buy products safe in the knowledge that these are environmentally sound and the claims made are truthful. It’s another strong element in a company’s ESG practices, ensuring highest standards of care for staff.


Find out more about our Home Club here

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