Offices can reduce heating costs by a third with smart radiator controls

Office-based businesses of all sizes can reduce their annual heating bills by up to a third with innovative and smart radiator controls.

According to the Carbon Trust, heating can account for up to 60% of the total energy bill in a typical office building and it’s one area where choosing a simple solution can make a huge difference.

If you overheat your offices by just 1°C this can ramp up fuel costs by around 8%  but by fitting highly cost-effective energy saving tech – Radbot radiator controls – you can cut heating cost by 30%.

The Radbot is smart heating made simple and is perfect for offices, where heat can be wasted in empty spaces throughout the working day. There is no need for wifi, apps or installation specialists – and there is a rapid ROI.

Automatic adjustment

The Radbot smart controllers are very easy to install and they start saving you money immediately, learning usage patterns and heating rooms only when needed.

They help to stop energy waste by automatically adjusting the temperature so staff and managers don’t have to intervene.

The Radbot detects occupancy by monitoring and detecting changes in light levels, like day/night cycles, or when lights are turned on and off, or if curtains are drawn and opened. It also remembers interactions such as a user setting the temperature or pressing the boost button.

It then uses its unique occupancy algorithm to process this information and predict when a room will be occupied or unoccupied. It  also learns how long it takes to heat a room, making sure it is warm when it is to be used.

And if the usage schedule changes, Radbot quickly learns and updates the heating pattern.

The fully automated smart tech removes the hassle around heating controls because there’s no need for complex programming. It reduces the temperature between 1°C and 6°C depending on time of day and the settings selected.

Radbot may look just like a classic thermostatic radiator valve (TRV) but it is radically better. TRVs control heat output in each room but maintain a constant temperature while Radbot makes automatic adjustments, saving money on heating bills.

Better control

And, compared to control devices like Nest and Hive, it is also smarter, heating rooms individually based on occupancy. That is a much better way to control heating and costs than these other devices which control heating for the whole property.

Radbot gives you no problems if these devices are installed as it will not interfere with any smart thermostat. It just overrides the temperature thermostat to provide room by room control.

It is designed to work with radiators on a wet central heating system and it’s advised to check with the heating provider before installing.

Key benefits:

  • Proven savings of up to 30% on heating bill
  • Pays for itself in 1-2 heating seasons
  • Fit and forget
  • No app, wifi, or programming schedules
  • Fit in less time than changing a light bulb.

It can be installed on any radiator with an existing TRV by simply removing that thermostat, and fitting a Radbot.

Here’s how easy it is! Watch the video. No need for plumbers or other specialists!

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