My Plastic Free July Diary

As part of Plastic Free July, we’re running a 30-day money back guarantee initiative! You can buy a product from our Home Shop, use it for 30 days and if you’re not happy with it, return it for a full refund. Why are we doing this? Because we genuinely think our products are brilliant and we want you to have a taste of the eco magic with guaranteed peace of mind. Check out what plastic swaps I’ve been trialing this July and why I love them!

Save hassle with an ecoegg Laundry Egg

ecoegg laundry eggs completely replace your traditional plastic laundry routine! Forget huge bottles of laundry detergent and fabric softener that pile up by your washing machine, this magical egg will save you up to 40 plastic bottles a year. Available in a range of scents including Fresh Linen, Spring Blossom and Fragrance Free. 

It cleans your clothes using natural mineral pellets. The pellets work together to effectively draw dirt from your clothing fibres, softening clothes by changing the pH and leaving your laundry clean and fresh. The natural pellets are hypoallergenic, free from palm oil, SLS or SLES, parabens, petrochemicals, enzymes, phosphates and microplastics so they’re perfect for sensitive skin.

More so, they’re much kinder to the environment than traditional detergents. You can reuse your egg up to 70 times, after which you can buy refill pellets. The average bottle of detergent and fabric softener contains enough for 18 washes – which is a huge difference. Your ecoegg has a 10-year guarantee too, so you’re guaranteed to save plastic and money with each wash.

Once you have the refills, each wash will only cost 10p! In comparison, according to the Metro, an A-rated washing machine will cost you 14p per wash and a D-rated washing machine will cost you 28p – double the ecoegg!

I adore my ecoegg because it is so simple. All I need to do is pop it in with my washing. There’s no need to measure out any detergent and there’s no mess involved. Plus, it makes my clothes smell natural and fresh, free from any harsh chemicals or scents. It’s also a comfort knowing I am doing what I can to reduce my energy bills each month and protect the planet, one plastic bottle at a time.

Read everything you need to know about ecoegg laundry eggs. 

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Reduce waste with ecoegg Bamboo Towels 

Another one of my favourite products by ecoegg is the bamboo kitchen roll. Traditional kitchen roll used to be a staple in my house as I’m constantly making a mess. Switching to eco-friendly reusable bamboo towels has saved me money and waste, reducing my home’s carbon footprint.

The ecoegg bamboo towels are super strong and absorbent – and can be washed, dried and re-used 85 times. That means that each roll can be used 1,700 times! For the planet, this is brilliant because it means fewer kitchen roll ends up in landfill. But it’s great news for your wallet too. A standard pack of single-use kitchen roll with 50 sheets can cost around £3.50 which equals 0.02p per sheet.

The ecoegg bamboo towels have a bigger upfront cost of £6.75. But because they’re reusable up to 85 times, it will only cost you 0.005p per sheet! Considering this, if you used 2 rolls of single-use kitchen roll per week, swapping to ecoegg bamboo towels could save you up to £67 per year – all of these swaps add up!

Additionally, they’re manufactured in the UK which means less carbon is emitted through transport. They’re also made from sustainably sourced bamboo and come in biodegradable packaging. Better yet, after their long working life, they can be recycled through any textile recycling unit. However, we do recommend that you check your local guidelines beforehand as eco-friendly disposal is just as important as using the products.

Learn more about bamboo kitchen towels. 

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Stop relying on plastic with Silk Dental Floss 

The bathroom also contains many single-use plastic products and one of the worst is dental floss. Most floss is made from Nylon or Teflon and is encased in a plastic box. These materials create nitrous oxide during production, a greenhouse gas 310x more powerful than carbon dioxide. It also poses risks when it enters our seas as it can tangle and wrap around things, threatening marine life. If you flush it down the toilet, it can block your household pipes too.

Swapping to Non Plastic Beach natural silk floss is a 100% plastic free and fully biodegradable alternative. As it’s made from silk, it’s compostable and naturally breaks down but don’t worry, it’s sturdy and will do the job like any plastic floss.

The floss is coated in a plant-based minty candelilla wax, the reels that the floss comes on are made from cornstarch (also compostable) and come in a reusable glass bottle. You can purchase refills too so you’re continually saving waste.

Although plastic Oral-B floss is less expensive, it’s far more detrimental to the planet. Considering the plastic floss, case and packaging, it increases your waste and carbon footprint at home. Dental hygiene is important for my health but I don’t want it to be at an expense to the planet. The Non Plastic Beach dental floss is an eco-friendly alternative that is just as effective but won’t cause harm in production or disposal.

Discover 5 ways to make your bathroom routine more eco-friendly. 

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Plastic Free Dental Floss

Clean eco with ecoLiving Compostable Sponge Cloths

Sponges are such a household native that you’ve probably never questioned how sustainable it is. In truth, traditional sponges are made from fossil-fuel based materials and contain synthetic fibres that pollute waterways and fill up landfills. Just think of the little parts that wear away (also known as microplastics) and swim down the drain causing harm to local wildlife. Their short lifespan also means the waste is frequently piling up.

Introducing the ecoLiving Compostable Sponge Cleaning Cloths that are designed to completely replace traditional plastic sponges. Made from 70% cellulose and 30% cotton, they’re 100% natural, certified according to Oeko-Tex standard 100 and can be composted at home once you’ve finished with them. But this won’t be for a while because they can be washed in the dishwasher or washing machine and used again – simply pop them in the wash between 30-60 degrees Celsius and hang them to dry.

Although cotton is heavily water and soil dependent, being able to reuse these sponges multiple times increases its sustainability. Additionally, cellulose is an organic compound found in the walls of a plant cell. When cellulose is woven in linear structures, it creates a strong and durable material which is great for cleaning.

Four of these reusable sponge cloths only cost £4.50. Although you can buy traditional sponges from the supermarket very cheaply, they have an exceptionally short lifespan and the pennies can quickly pile up. I love that I can simply pop these sponges in the wash and use them in rotation so I always have one on hand – I never have to buy a sponge from the supermarket again.

Discover more about eco-friendly cleaning products. 

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