Meet Hazel, our Home Club Member of the Month!

Meet Hazel, our latest Home Club Member of the Month. Hazel lives with her husband and two young children in the lovely Suffolk countryside. Focused on reducing her carbon footprint, not only individually but as a family. Hazel switched to a 90% vegetarian diet over a year ago, by vastly removing meat and fish from her diet will make a positive impact on the environment, and most likely her health. Hazel’s family has made simple swaps such as swapping to solid soap bars replacing liquid soap in plastic bottles. They take less space, and the bathroom looks so much nicer than plastic bottles all over the place. We spoke to her about her sustainable adventures to see what she’s been swapping to!

What made you want to live more sustainably? 

I am no eco-hero, with two young children at home, working, keeping on top of the housework, and trying to maintain some sort of social life, I want the choices I make to be more eco-friendly effortless. I do not have a big enough garden to grow vegetables or the time to make my cleaning products. I am continuously looking at realistic ways to improve my environmental impact.

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Which sustainable swap are you most proud of?

Stasher bags! I am a big fan, they are perfect for my youngest snacks when out and about, it stops me from buying plastic wrapped snacks, it prevents my cheese going hard (less waste-woohoo!), they are perfect reheating food which is great for taking lunch into work, I no longer rely on a supermarket meal deal, and even storing my phone and keys in when camping!

Why do you love it so much?

At first, I thought they were pretty pricey, but I use them every day. It saves me money buying cling film, foil or sandwich bags and they will last years. I started with one to give them ago, and once I found out how versatile they were I went on to buy three more. I have the large ones on my wish list and I will be using my Planet Point to pay for this one.

I love how compact they are, they all fit in a draw, and I don’t have to worry about losing the lids from Tupper wear boxes! But the biggest selling point of Stasher bags for me is they are the only product I’ve found that keep avocados fresh!


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