Medex 2013 highlights the need for care homes to cut energy and water bill costs

Medex Forum 2013 logo

Just drawing breath after the Medex 2013 event and pulling together some ideas from what was a very successful trip, which reinforced our view that care homes need more strategic advice on how to save money by cutting energy and water bills.

Medex 2013 was a specialist business forum for the private hospital, surgery, treatment and nursing sectors. Fifty Senior Buyers from leading UK medical operators were there to discuss their future requirements for FF&E, Fit Out, F&B and all operational areas of their businesses.

Care homes were a big presence and we talked with them during the event, at the excellent Epic Sana Resort in the Algarve, Portugal. The weather wasn’t bad either! Not that we had much chance to sample the sun – there were too many questions from care home operators of all sizes. Every single one of them is now looking to find effective ways to reduce costs year on year.

What we heard from the care home operators is that their financial margins are being squeezed from all sides. The imperative is to cut costs but there is limited scope for this, without reducing quality of service and delivery, in almost every department – except utilities. This is the area where care homes can make substantial, immediate and on-going cost reductions.

And this is where we can help them make a big difference. We think that care homes of all shapes and sizes, from the solo owners to the large commercial groups have similar cost-saving opportunities to the hospitals and the hotels that we work with. In a sense, they sit in the middle of these two sectors.

Care homes share similar financial issues because they are 24/7 operations. They are burning energy and consuming water around the clock. These are the areas where they can make massive savings, with the right partner to guide them.

We have proven that we can transform the bottom line of businesses by helping them save money and cut carbon.

To give you one example: we’re working with Puma Hotels’ Collection and our water-saving installations are delivering 25% ahead of target in the first three months, and the guests have seen no difference to quality. The hotel group will have full return on investment well within 10 months. After that, it’s money in the bank, year after year.

We want to help care homes cut their costs and we have the proven end-to-end solutions that will give them a competitive advantage through effective cost-containment. If you are a care home operator and want to know more about our solutions, call us now on 0333 123 5464 or contact us.



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