Mark Sait top energy saving tips featured on BDaily business hub

SaveMoneyCutCarbon CEO Mark Sait shares his top tips for business to save energy, save money and cut carbon on the BDaily business hub.

As he advises in the article Top tips for businesses on how to save money and cut carbon: “Carbon inefficiency is costing British businesses billions of pounds.  90% of British businesses say rising energy prices pose a threat to their competitiveness and 83% of SMEs say they will miss their growth targets this year because of energy price rises.

“Utility bills have doubled in the past decade and are forecast to double again in the next 10 years.  And the Government has repeatedly warned that the era of cheap energy is over.

“Despite this stark reality and the added pressure of legislation to cut energy use, thousands of businesses are burying their heads in the sand by failing to adopt some simple measures which could save energy and reduce costs significantly.

Mark’s top business money-tips cover:

Every business can save money through simple small steps to reduce energy consumption and cut carbon at the same time.

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