Mark Sait, SaveMoneyCutCarbon CEO, talks about saving money and cutting carbon on the BBC

Our “disruptive” CEO, Mark Sait, appeared on the BBC News Inside Track this morning to explain how we help homes and businesses save money whilst also cutting carbon.

You can watch the video below.

YouTube video

As Mark explains in his interview, homes and businesses need to look at their lighting and water products for savings opportunities. Too many buildings are filled with inefficient and poor-quality incandescent bulbs. They should be equipped with highly efficient LED lighting which provides a much higher quality level of light, whilst using significantly less energy.

Water was discussed too. By installing tap aerators, eco taps, eco showers or even eco toilets – homes and businesses could see a huge reduction in their water bill. Businesses in particular should look at the Propelair toilet, which uses a staggering 84% less water.

If you combine both the savings in energy and water, the reduction in carbon is massive.

Rather than constantly wanting to “do something for the planet” but giving up when activists tell you to sell your car and use a skateboard, simply just “do” sustainability without compromise by upgrading your lighting and water.

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