Lux magazine: SaveMoneyCutCarbon reduces Fantasy Island lighting costs and carbon footprint by 86%

Image of Fantasy Island article on how SaveMoneyCutCarbon helps amusement park to cut carbon footprint and lighting costs by 86 per cent

SaveMoneyCutCarbon is featured in current issue of Lux magazine, as energy efficiency partner to top UK amusement park Fantasy Island – reducing lighting costs and carbon footprint by 86%.

Laurence Davis, of Conduit Investments, the park owners says in the article: ” We are moving to LED technology for our lighting as it makes good business sense. Improving light levels and quality for our customers and tenants, reducing our energy costs and helping to reduce our carbon footprint.”

Andy Greaves, head of maintenance at Fantasy Island says: “Working with the field services team at SaveMoneyCutCarbon, it became apparent that many of the original lighting and coloured effect bulbs, that in the past would light up Fantasy Island, were starting to come to the end of their lives and were increasingly difficult to buy with the demise of traditional light bulbs.

“When we saw the amazing effects that the new LED technology could bring to us, for a fraction of the energy consumed by our existing lighting, the project seemed so logical – amazing lighting effects that can be seen for miles and helping us with our commitment to reduce the carbon footprint of the park.”

Thanks to photographer Peter Smith for some amazing images.

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